Spider-Man Leaps On To PlayStation 4 On September 7th

Game Informer have a month of coverage  devoted to the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game and have revealed it will land in shops on September 7th this year. They have also revealed the game will include crafting in which you can unlock many of Spidey’s iconic outfits.

Check out some new footage, also from Game Informer. The title is running on an enhanced version of the Sunset Overdrive engine.


By the way, just in case you haven’t been paying attention (like some muppets on Twitter) and thought that the game may make it’s way to Xbox One at some point, it won’t. Sony are funding it and Insomniac have stated it’s is 100% PlayStation exclusive.

Source: Game Informer

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  1. Where can I get this Bad boy Collectors Edition of it?

    (The other post/news says comments are closed) =/

    • Whoop! Got it Pre-Ordered xD xD

      • Where did you pre-order? I’m in the UK and can’t find it online yet! :(

      • GAME

      • Maybe it’s because I haven’t bought a new game in about 4-5 years, but this seems a bit on the expensive side for what it is.

        It’s a cool CE, dont get me wrong but £129.99… I hope that statue is life-size :O

        I remember getting the GTA IV CE with a safety deposit box, R* duffle bag, CD and Art book for £65. Bloody hell, just realised that was 10 years ago…!

  2. This is definitely a day one purchase for me. All the backlog can weboff.

  3. I am absolutely desperate for this game, on my PS4Pro. Webslinger for life yo….

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