Get Your Hands On The Detroit: Become Human Demo Tomorrow

Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold and it also has one those rare and shiny things, a demo. “I am extremely happy to announce that the very first scene of the game, Hostage, will be available for download on PS Store starting from tomorrow, Tuesday 24th April,” posted Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO & Executive Producer at Quantic Dream.

The Quantic Dream games have always been divisive, some finding them epic narratives telling complex tales, others complaining that they would like some gameplay in their video games. Those people are obviously wrong and need to shush.

Teflon went hands on with Detroit and you can read all about it here.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Lovely stuff, looking forward to checking it out.

  2. As the forums are full of tumbleweed these days, quickly want to share my thoughts on this.

    It’s just the one mission, but it’s stunning graphically for a standard PS4 game, and the sound is good too. Controls are still as cumbersome as ever.

    I’m not entirely sure I liked the whole CSI style reconstruction of things which felt a bit tiresome and was done for the sake of putting a bit of a game in there. When the action got moving though, it was really interesting and well done, and definitely the ending (my ending) intrigued me, as did the flowchart. It’s the first QD game that’s genuinely tempted me to replay a scene, but continuity is still a massive question mark.

    I rather hope there’s a well constructed world hidden in all the different choices, as it seems like everything could be threaded together through the central theme of androids and how they’re percieved as an emerging technology or lifeform.

    I’m definitely tempted to snag it next month. I bought the last two games day one, Heavy Rain disappointed, but Beyond was much better. It’s tough to resist.

    • I should add as well, that out of all the choice based games I’ve played over the years, Kotor, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fallout, and TWD, the Detroit demo felt the most fluid in choices. Less of the good thing bad thing paradigm and a bit more option in how to advance the situation. Really enjoyed that ending too.

    • I just played it too and as you say it looks stunning, especially the character models. The controls and camera are disappointing – i really want to be able to look around and examine every detail in a game like this but you only occasionally get to examine select scenes and objects up close. I liked how my ending was both good and bad and has me intrigued for where those choices will take me later in the game.
      I wasn’t sure how i’d feel about the rewind analysis – i didn’t like the rewinding in Life Is Strange – but this was fine for me. I think the flowchart at the end will probably serve the completionists well but i’m more likely to just see where my choices take me when i replay it.

  3. Well, I just had a go at the demo. It certainly looks very nice. And it seems like the story could go in all sorts of interesting places, even if the “people treat androids badly, because it’s a metaphor” thing has possibly been done enough already.

    The whole analysing events thing worked ok, although if the rest of the game has them the same way, that might be annoying. Hopefully that was just the first tutorial one, and the rest aren’t all “there’s X things to find, we’ll pop up a prompt while you move the stick around, and then tell you to rewind to the helpful yellow mark on the timeline”.

    And while the branching story and all those actions and decisions work just the same as any other similar game, showing big obvious hints (when you press R2), the whole probability of success display and that flowchart kind of spoils the illusion of a whole story and not just a bunch of bits glued together. But yes, it’ll help those who want to see every possible outcome and all the trophies that will presumably be attached to those outcomes. Am I alone in thinking that those sorts of games with many branching story paths should just be played once and you should live with your decisions?

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