Watch Us Play Onrush Online

Codemasters Evo is a racing game with a big difference: you don’t need to be the first one across the line! Does it work, though? We were a little divided after open beta a few weeks ago, but now we’ve got the final game in for review and can get stuck in.

The game’s out on 5th June, with a review embargo to match, but we’re allowed to stream and have a few copies of the game so that we can play in co-op. Join us for an hour or two – either here or over on Twitch – at 5:30PM BST to see what it’s all about.

Update: Thanks for watching! You can catch the archived stream here, but I’m aware that the quality wasn’t the best. I think the PS4 struggled with the speed of the game, so we’ll likely stream some more closer to launch with different settings through my PC.


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