David Cage Not Ruling Out A Sequel To Detroit: Become Human

David Cage has always been against sequels to Quantic Dreams games so it’s a bit of surprise to find him saying they haven’t ruled out making Detroit 2.

“We will work on a sequel if we feel we have ideas, passion and excitement to do it, and if we feel we have something more to say about this world,” he said in an AMA on Reddit. “We have a lot of respect for our fans, and we never wanted to do sequels just for the sake of making easy money. We are driven by passion more than anything, although it is not always something reasonable… but we enjoyed working on Detroit a lot, and there are many exciting stories that could be told in this world for sure.”


He also is remaining tight lipped on DLC, saying there is nothing to announce at the moment. There’s a lot more about the game and the world it’s set in on Reddit so head over there if you want to read the whole thing.

Source: Reddit

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  1. That’s great news! Detroit is amazing. It has its flaws but it excels in its story telling and world building.

  2. Still need to get into the first one!

  3. As much as I loved Detroit (having slotted itself into my PS4 top 10 and probably my number 1 exclusive), I think I’d prefer an entirely new world and story from QD.

    Having said that, a Hank or Carl prequel expansion would have me interested.

  4. I still have questions about Detroit which probably won’t be answered until i complete it another few times.

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