The News At Sixth-Ish: 29/06/18

In the news today we have a patch for Mario, a preview of a patch for Destiny 2 (yes, that’s a thing now), and some naughty Nintendo Switch pirates who don’t have a sense of irony.  As it’s Friday I thought I would share an exclusive look ‘behind the scenes’ here at TSA, so look out for that the bottom of this post. As you might expect, it’s pure filth.

Here’s what happened today, a little later than planned as someone forgot to press the schedule button. That would be me then.

Also Today

Retro-throwback – aka pixel art- game Blazing Chrome has a new trailer.

Playdead’s Inside has launched on Nintendo Switch


Crackdown creator David Jones has been discussing what his departure from Crackdown 3 means. “Not a lot,” he said. Excellent.

And Finally, as teased, here’s a recent conversation in which the TSA team discussed our Conan Exiles review…

Tuffcub: We need to decide the tag line for the Conan review.
Gareth: “Let’s get our rocks out with our cocks out.”
Ade: “Will Conan give you ha-penis?”
Tuffcub: “Too many cocks spoil the broth!”
Jason: “Has Conan cocked up? Cum and read to find out!”
Ade:  I enjoyed your too many cocks TC, despite the fact it makes me think of cooks using some very unusual instruments to stir their broth with
Tuffcub: Glad to see the most active discussion we’ve had on here all week is cock puns.
Dom: Just jumping into the conversation at this point has some serious impact
Tuffcub: “So shlong and thanks for the mammarys”
Dom: “Enough wang for your buck?”
Tuffcub: “Remember this is the internet, so the score will actually be 2″ small in real life”
Ade: Maybe something subtle and understated like “WIIIIIIIIILLLLYYYYYYYSSSSSSS!!!”
Dave: “Is it a flop?”
Dom: “Performance problems.”
Miguel: Always happy to wake up to 100+ messages of nothing but dick-joke workshopping.

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.