[UPDATE] Only The First Spyro Game Is On The Trilogy Disc, You Have To Download The Other Two

For unfathomable reasons the Spyro Reignited Trilogy will only include the first game on the disc so you will have to download Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This unexpected annoyance was revealed on the official website for the game and applies to both the PlayStation and Xbox One versions of the game.

I know they are tarting up the original games but surely all three, or at least two of them would fit on a blu-ray disc? Activision have provided a comment, but it’s not particularly helpful.


“As with most games today, downloading an update after purchase is quite common. The language on packaging and on the web is to let players know the requirements for Spyro Reignited Trilogy,” a representative told PSL.

Obviously you’re only going to get one code to download the missing two games so you won’t get much if you decide to trade in the game.

UPDATE: For clarification, I was assuming the game would come with single use codes to download the second two titles. Activision have only responded to other sites with the same statement they gave to PSL, but haven’t clarified whether the other games are added via a patch, as in games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection or Doom on Switch where the multiplayer couldn’t fit on disc or cartridge, or if it’s more akin to Modern Warfare Remastered’s treatment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare special editions. Hopefully it’s the former.

Source: Spyro / PSL


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  1. As much as I was going to buy this game – its a deal breaker. Put them all on the damn disc.

    • Me too. It’s probably an old fashioned thing to expect a disc/cart that contains a complete and fully working game but I don’t bloody care, call me old fashioned, I’m not buying this crap… yet, I’ll probably pick it up used and happily enjoy the first game for cheap.
      On this plus side, at least it’s not just a file to install Steam.

  2. Doesn’t Activision’s comment suggest that for some strange reason, the 2nd and 3rd games need an update, and the first doesn’t. Although it probably will by the time it’s released. They seem to be suggesting that, not that you have to download all of 2 of the 3 games.

    Of course, if you _do_ need to download them, and it’s a single-use code that comes with the game, then fuck ’em. That’s just bad.

    Maybe the 2nd and 3rd games are part of an update, and you just need to have the disc in to play them once it’s downloaded? That would be a bit better.

    • Nope it’s the full games you need to download it seems.

      99% of all games launch with a day one patch these days and that’s never flagged up on promotional material, so it’s not that.

      • Is there more to this than we’ve seen so far then?

        The packaging says games 2 and 3 “require download”, which suggests you need to download the full games.

        But then Activision say an “update” is “quite common”, which suggests you need to download anything up to the whole of games 2 and 3, but doesn’t 100% guarantee there’s not at least some of the game there.

        As for not mentioning a day one patch, yes, most games seem to have one, but unless you’re playing online (or an internet connection is weirdly required for no obvious reason), you don’t technically require the update.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the full games though. And Activision didn’t really answer the question, did they?

        Problem with people making a big fuss about things on the internet is that 50% of the time it’s not what they think, 50% of the time it’s exactly what they think, and the rest of the time it’s a bit of both. Also, people on the internet can’t count.

      • MrYd, I just followed the breadcrumb trail and found the game box art, which says on the front ‘Required Content Download’ and then the official Spyro website says ‘Games 2 and 3 require download from internet.’ So whilst poorly abbreviated and arguably ambiguous I reckon the story is mostly correct, those games either aren’t on the disc or are only partially there, unplayable, and need assets downloaded. Much like like L.A. Noire on Switch.

  3. Pathetic. I wasn’t going to buy it anyway but I hope the game fails miserably. The problem is, most people will buy the game for their kids without even knowing this.

  4. Out of interest, why is everyone so annoyed about this? It just installs from the net instead of the disc. I suppose it may be a pain if your internet is slow or you’ve a low allowance, but I doubt many gamers fall into those category’s anyway.

    • It’s a kids game. Lots of children have the gaming consoles not online to prevent dodgy Internet stuff occurring.

    • I think it’s something to do with only being able to download the 2nd & 3rd games once (is this confirmed?), which lowers resale value. Also prohibits the ability to play on multiple consoles (if you have more than one) and can be irksome if you have dial up internet.

  5. If you look around apparently it’s an update and not DLC, so you won’t “Obviuosly get a one time code”. Poor and lazy journalism

    • Poor and lazy comment, the article is completely correct, you are wrong.

      • Please show me where this is correct. Everything I’ve read says that it’s an update as the last 2 games weren’t ready for the disc. I’ll gladly apologise if I’m wrong.

      • No, I’ve checked article and source, can’t see any clear direct evidence of a code being provided.

        If there’s an explanation for it, I can’t see it anywhere.

      • Still waiting for you to show me where the article was correct and I was wrong? You’ve gone quiet.

    • This.

      The article blatently says a code is required yet I don’t see proof on the article or the source.

      Lower resale value isn’t established, and any disc game can’t be used on multiple consoles at once, so I really don’t see what the problem is aside from a bloated day one patch which you get with a lot of games. Maybe it is lazy of the publisher, but it’s hardly reason to avoid the game for those interested.

    • What are you saying the difference is between dlc and an update?

      This is content which is not on the disc, content that has to be downloaded, that makes it downloadable content.

      • The difference is DLC can be sold, updates are free. The article says you only get one code to download the two games. If its indeed DLC you need a code for thats a very big difference to it being merely an update which you can download fro free. Especially if you would resell the game, with DLC you are selling only one of the three games. If its an update, the byuer gets access to all three…

  6. As annoying as this is (and it is annoying)… I’m just so happy we’re getting them at all, I honestly don’t care.

  7. Now here’s the thing, my question is why the code?
    If this wasn’t some online pass style BS wouldn’t it just be an update when you insert the disc, even if it’s a large update.
    In that case, whoever had the disc would have access to the whole collection as it would just need to update the game from the Sony/MS/Nintendo servers.
    Still annoying but not as shady as restricting access behind a code. Also would you need the disc to still play the downloaded two games that have already been registered to your account?!

  8. If it’s clear on the box then people will know what they’re getting. Still kinda stinks though.

    • I agree completely. Seems to have many people up in arms but I just see it as more of an advertisement for PS Store download.

  9. So you’re buying 1 games with two DLC. no second hand market

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