V-Rally 4’s Special Stage Generator Previewed In New Videos

Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games have dropped two new videos for V-Rally 4 which show how ‘special’ stages work. These stages have road intersections that are randomly set to be open or closed, meaning there are hundreds of different possible routes to the finish line.

“Your route is not a collection of pre-defined roads and bends: it uses parts of the road network and each special is different, with unique characteristics,” say Bigben. “That makes it rather difficult to learn the bends by heart. Once at the starting line, you need to demonstrate courage and concentration, and you also need to listen carefully to your co-driver.”


V-Rally 4 will launch this September 2018 on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PC, with a Switch version following at a later date.

Source: YouTube 1/2

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  1. V-Rally and V-Rally 2 were the best arcade rally games out at that time in my opinion. I’m hoping this keeps the same arcade feel. From the videos it is looking promising.

    • V-Rally 1 & 2 were epic! This is definitely on my radar.

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