Watch A Tornado Rampage Across The Land In This New Just Cause 4 Video

Square Enix have dropped a new trailer for Just Cause 4 and this one focuses on the tornadoes that have been seen in previous trailers. Apparently they “open up unique and brand new gameplay opportunities that just aren’t available in any other video game”, but perhaps that’s because driving in to a tornado is nuts.

Source: YouTube

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  1. The same developers who couldn’t get the previous game to work properly think it’s a good idea to put massive tornadoes in the new game? Massive tornadoes that throw everything that’s not nailed down around? While causing anything usefully marked in red and white to explode?

    That video was presumably edited together from a 14 hour slideshow.

    Also, aren’t tornadoes full of deadly sharks?

  2. Looks good. Hopefully they don’t spoil the fun by limiting drops to a handful of beacons, having ridiculously long time restrictions on drops and locking the most useful skills behind challenges.

    Also, is it usually THAT sunny during a tornado?

  3. Although JC3 left me a little cold (loved the second one to bits but maybe the diminishing law of returns kicked in) this just looks like JC2 and 3 with tornados cranked up to 11. I’ll certainly be dipping in when the price comes down and maybe before depending on the reviews. Good stuff. Also you’d really think these lone island dictator types would have the sense to stop painting their most important infrastructure red and white by now! Some people never learn….

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