Take A Deep Dive Into Everything Just Cause 4 With The Latest Trailer

Running jump

I think I’m now at maximum capacity for Just Cause 4 trailers now; it feels like there’s a new one released every other day! Still, this latest trailer offers up a more comprehensive ‘deep dive’ into everything that the game offers.

The trailer covers everything from better, more distinct vehicle handling and more intelligent enemy AI through to the overhauled grappling hook, customisation and, of course, the huge weather storms that can tear the world apart.

Sure, there might be a few too many trailers, but it doesn’t half look good, and in our most recent hands on, it’s pretty fun too!

The game’s out on 4th December for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: press release

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  1. This really does look like an (exploding) barrel of laughs. Can’t wait.

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