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Leaked Battlefield V Firestorm battle royale tutorial video gives us our first look at the mode

A leaked in-game tutorial video has given us our first look at the Battlefield V take on the ludicrously popular battle royale genre. The game’s Firestorm mode is due out this month – the exact date has yet to be set, but it shouldn’t be too long now – but we’ve heard precious little about it up until now. Firestorm is a cornerstone part of the second full chapter in the Tides of War live service.

Developed by Criterion Games, Firestorm follows a pretty familiar formula, with players dropping onto a large map and then being herded to a final point by encroaching circles that damage you if you step outside them. In Firestorm, it’s their fiery appearance that gives the mode its name, and it’s quite a spectacular effect to see how it affects the destructible parts of the map.

You drop in with nothing and have to scavenge for guns and resources, which come in common, rare and epic tiers that add more bells and whistles like scopes and bipods. You have limited ammo, though this can be bolstered by backpacks. Objective and safes can be found as well, which give access to reinforcement call ins, rare loot and combat vehicles – shown in the video were small helicopters, submersible jeeps and tanks.

In a change from the traditional Battlefield formula, there’s no class-specific benefits. If downed, you can fire a sidearm while waiting for an ally to come and revive you, but unlike in Apex Legends or the experimental weekend in Black Ops 4 Blackout, there’s no respawns.

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  1. Looks interesting, shame I sold it about three weeks after getting it as the game didn’t hook me the way Battlefield 1 did.

  2. Looks sweet. Finished playing the traditional multiplayer modes last month and have moved over to Anthem but this mode will certainly bring me back,

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