Battlefield V Firestorm’s first official trailer is here, coming later this month


Sure, we’ve had teasers and leaks, but now we have an official first look at Battlefield V’s Firestorm Battle Royale is here in all its bombastic, cinematic glory. Firestorm will be available for Battlefield V on 25th March.

There’s plenty of humour laced through the trailer, but it also gives a good idea of all the possibilities in the mode and how its take on the genre differs. Battlefield’s penchant for destruction and vehicles is here, whether with artillery barrages being called in with the reinforcement system, having tractors pull anti-tank guns, or light helicopters, and there’s a real spectacle to the titular firestorm that pushes players in together.

Firestorm has been developed by Criterion Games, who are most famous for their Burnout series of games, but most recently worked on the excellent Fighter Assault mode for Star Wars Battlefront II.

Source: YouTube 

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  1. I really enjoyed that trailer. It pretty much captured the hilarity of BR when you’re with your friends. Yes, it’s meant to be serious but sometimes it’s just ridiculous! Don’t think I’ll be leaving Blackout anytime soon though.

  2. Looks fun :)

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