Get a walkthrough of all Nintendo Labo: VR Kit’s games and features

Nintendo’s first crack at VR is not like the others. Instead of a bulky bit of bespoke plastic, Nintendo Labo: VR Kit takes the Nintendo Switch and yet again twists its capabilities in new and interesting ways.

The latest trailer walks us through all the possibilities, and shows the kinds of gaming and creative experiences you can expect when it launches on 12th April.


Nintendo reel off a bunch of gaming experiences, including:

  • Ocean Camera (uses Toy-Con Camera): Dive into the deep blue virtual sea and complete objectives like taking photos of sea life. The ocean is full of surprises.
  • House Camera (uses Toy-Con Camera): Interact with the strange creature living in the house – which some people may recognise from the Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit! – and complete missions by taking photos in its mysterious home.
  • Marble Run (uses Toy-Con Elephant): Try to complete physics-based puzzles by using various objects to guide marbles through rings. You can even create puzzles of your own to challenge friends and family.
  • Doodle (uses Toy-Con Elephant): Create colourful 3D artwork by moving the trunk of the Toy-Con Elephant through the air, using various in-game tools and styles to bring your creations to life. Once finished, show off your masterpieces on the TV by docking your Nintendo Switch. An additional multiplayer game lets players take turns drawing and guessing each other’s drawings.
  • Bird (uses Toy-Con Bird): Soar through the sky on a bird’s back, collecting items and helping baby birds hatch along the way. When using the Toy-Con Bird, players can flap its wings. But a tap of the Toy-Con Wind Pedal delivers a surprisingly strong puff of air to the player as the bird in the game gets an extra boost of speed.
  • Bird Dash (uses Toy-Con Bird): Compete in timed challenges by racing through checkpoints as you fly through the sky.
  • Blaster (uses Toy-Con Blaster): Battle an alien invasion and giant bosses in an on-rails experience that requires sharp reflexes and a keen eye.
  • Kablasta (uses Toy-Con Blaster): Challenge a friend to competitive hippo feeding! Fling different types of fruit toward the hippos to lure them toward your side of the pool and score the most points.
  • Hop Dodge (uses Toy-Con Wind Pedal): As a frog, jump as high as you can on an ever-growing stack of colourful balls while avoiding obstacles and heading soccer balls. The wind resistance from the Wind Pedal will make you feel as though you’re actually experiencing a breeze.
  • VR Plaza (all Toy-Con creations): Enjoy 64 bite-sized games and experiences in VR Plaza, including platformers and puzzlers. Many of these experiences can be enjoyed using only the Toy-Con VR Goggles and Nintendo Switch system.

Beyond that, Toy-Con Garage and Toy-Con Garage VR are both there to let players create their own games and experiments. You can import VR Plaza minigames to see how they’ve been built and use that as inspiration.

VR Kit is out on 12th April in a few different bundles to buy. The full VR Kit (£69.99) includes the VR Goggles, Toy-Con Blaster, Toy-Con Camera, Toy-Con Bird, Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Toy-Con Elephant, but the Starter Set + Blaster (£34.99) includes just Goggles and Blaster. The Starter Set can then be expanded with two sets that add Toy-Con Elephant and Camera in Expansion Set 1 (£16.99) and Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Bird in Expansion Set 2 (£16.99).

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  1. I can’t knock this novel use of the Switch but creating discreet devices for each VR app is going to be Lab-orious. ;)

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