Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been revealed, here’s everything we know so far!

Respawn have taken to the stage at the Star Wars Celebration to reveal their new game, a triple AAA story game with no multiplayer, microtransactions, or loot boxes. It will introduce many new planets and characters and takes place after Order 66, and you play as a Padawan who survived the cull called Cal Kestis.

It’s an ‘action melee game’ where you play a Jedi Padawawn learning how to use his force powers and lightsaber. It has ‘thoughtful combat’ and won’t be a button masher, which sounds a bit like Dark Souls, and the trailer also shows some Titanfall style wall running. Cal works as scrapper, junking old star ships, and is played by Cameron Monaghan who you may recognise from the TV show Gotham.


There is a new Inquisitor hunting Cal and she is based on a design found in the Darth Vader #19 comic. The new droid seen in the trailer BD-1, which internal stands for ‘Buddy Droid 1’, he provides light during the game both literally as a spot light, and also a bit of humour. His sound has been created by Ben Burtt, the chap who created the original sounds for Star Wars.

Rather than the traditional story of a master training a new Jedi the story focuses on a group of characters. There a new Troopers called Purge Troopers and they were actually hidden away on a cover of a recent Star Wars comic before being revealed for the new game. In the game they are air dropped into the game to soften up Cal before the Inquisitor arrives.

The lightsaber seen in the promotional art won’t be discussed as it’s “integral to the story” but might not belong to Cal, so that could be a hint of an older Star Wars character being in the game.

The game will launch on November on 15th on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4.


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  1. I’ve not played anything from Respawn outside of the old Infinity ward times so I’ve no idea of their writing talent for single player stuff. Didn’t EA have a team that dabbled in the Star Wars universe???

    • Titanfall 2 had a cracking single player, very inventive. High hopes for this!

      • Ta, i’ll keep that in mind.

  2. I can’t get excited about this game. It smacks of EA trying to leverage the last studio it has with any positive public sentiment towards it against a franchise it has mismanaged up until this point. I bought Anthem, Battlefield V and the Apex season pass and got burned with all of them. I won’t be buying this or any other EA game in the near future as I don’t trust EA not to try and fleece me and so I’m not giving them the opportunity.

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