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BattleTech: Urban Warfare DLC takes mech combat to the streets

A major Urban Warfare DLC expansion is coming to BattleTech on 4th June, bringing city environments, electronic warfare, new mechs, Flashpoints and more. It will be part of the BattleTech season pass, or standalone for $19.99.

Though there were some build up areas in the main BattleTech game, they are nothing compared to the cityscapes that Urban Warfare is introducing. The new urban biome is full of tall buildings that can easily block lines of sight, but it will be fully destructible alongside explosive fuel trucks, coolant exchanger buildings and electrical transformers that brings a lot more environmental tactics into play.

Newly rediscovered Electronic Countermeasures are also back in play, letting you disrupt enemy targeting systems and make you immune to indirect fire, while Active Probes can reveal enemy units that are out of line of sight. These feature on the new Raven 1X BattleMech, while the Javelin is a new short range mech that sounds well suited to city brawls.

A handful of new Flashpoint stories will also be added, alongside three new enemy vehicles and an Attack and Defend mission type where you have to destroy an enemy base before they can destroy your employer’s.

Mitch Gitelman, Co-founder of Harebrained Schemes said, “Urban Warfare delivers one of the biggest ‘Mech combat player fantasies there is: Fighting it out on the streets and rooftops of epic sci-fi cityscapes. The truth is, we’ve wanted to build city combat environments and gameplay for years, so we’re thrilled to be finally bringing this experience to BattleTech.”

BattleTech came out for PC exactly one year ago, taking the venerable mech warfare series back to its roots as a turn-based tactical game. Set in the earliest period of the BattleTech universe, it saw you leading a mercenary outfit contracted to restore the rightful ruler of one of the interstellar houses back to her throne. It was a solid starting point – read our BattleTech review here – that was then expanded upon later in the year with the Flashpoint expansion that added a string of new short stories and contracts to the galactic map.

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