The Witcher 3: Complete Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch this year

The Witcher 3 has been rumoured to be coming to the Nintendo Switch for a little while now, and as implausible as it might have once sounded, it’s now been officially announce for Nintendo’s plucky hybrid console. It will be out for the console some time in 2019.


The winner of hundreds and hundreds of awards when it released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015, the Complete Edition adds two huge story expansions to the game – Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. CD Projekt Red say that’s over 150 hours of gameplay that you can now take with you on the go.

Seemingly an impossible task, especially when PS4 and Xbox One struggle with the game at times and it came in for so much criticism for visual downgrades compared to the original reveal trailer, the port is being handled by Saber Interactive. You know Saber, they’re the studio that just released the hugely popular World War Z!

Here’s a couple of screenshots to show how the game holds up on Switch.

They look great if you ask me. Hopefully the frame rate can hold up as well!

The game will be getting a special physical release, including a game compendium, map, and some stickers. Unusually for large third party games on Switch, it will also be coming with a cartridge that’s large enough to contain the base game, the two expansions and sixteen free DLC.

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  1. Sounds bonkers that this could fit in switch cart. I bought it for PS4 about 2 years ago n it’s still sitting in wrapping on my shelf. When will I learn that I’ve not got time to play games like I did pre kids! Maybe on switch that’ll change. Maybe.

  2. What battery life undocked though??!!

  3. It seems utterly unfeasible that this will work. Would love for that not to be the case though! If it’s 30fps I can probably live with it being between 540p and 720p.

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