Which games took our breath away at E3 2019?

E3 is the biggest advert for video games of the year, like all the breaks in the Super Bowl but with none of the silly football to get in the way of all the announcements, trailers and teasers. As the dust settles on another set of E3 press conferences and streams, what got us most excited? What has us jazzed to see more? What (or who) was the most breathtaking?


This year was a bit of a blur behind the keyboard, if I’m honest, and a lot just swept past me. I think the game that I’m most looking forward to is Watch Dogs Legion, with all the character hopping and recruiting going on. Hopefully it comes together as an actual game and gets the tone just right.

Everything else was really on the level of leaving me intrigued rather than outright excited. Also just a bit dismayed at how busy September and March are now looking for game releases!



The Cyberpunk 2077 and Keanu Reeves stuff got me. Fighting alongside a cyborg John Wick/Neo looks like it should be great fun! I also liked the look of Watch Dogs Legion, which has some unique mechanics and it’s set in London, which is nice. Other than that, Marvel’s Avengers seems promising, but what they’ve shown hasn’t really amazed me, whilst Doom Eternal looks exactly as Doom should look: like hell.

Nick P

Watch Dogs Legion has knocked me for six! I never wanted it before, but now I do. Final Fantasy VII also looked like pure class – I’ve already pre-ordered the stupidly large edition – but while Marvel’s Avengers has promise, I want to know more.

Oh, and massive love for my man Keanu!


I’ve note seen everything from E3, but I guess Watch Dogs Legion? It’s set in the area I work and live in, so that looks fun.

Other than that? Meh. Anything new was announced with a CGI Trailer which gave no indication of what the actual game is like. Outriders, Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo, Elden Ring, etc. etc. were all CGI trailers. Go away until you have an actual game to show at the game show you morons.


I think Watch Dogs Legion is probably the standout for me. Games like Elden Rings and the Breath of the Wild sequel are cool they’re too far away.


Watch Dogs Legion seems great. They expand on their world and mechanics in a way that felt very natural. Using that Guy Ritchie-esque narration as a framing device was great, and it really gave you a sense of what they’re going for, which is more than a lot of hype trailers manage. Genuinely very impressed by it.

Halo Infinite was deeply underwhelming though. I was expecting a bit more than they showed, but even as someone that loves Halo, the series feels a bit directionless a moment. It does seem like they’re looking to clean things up a bit with Infinite, but they really have yet to show us much beyond their intent, which is frustrating.

The Cyberpunk trailer was also really underwhelming. “Oh we’ve got Keanu Reeves!” OK, but what about the actual game stuff? You announced this game in 2012. Stop setting the tone. You’ve set the tone. Show us more stuff.


Absolutely Link’s Awakening. It was one of the first games – and the first Zelda game – I played. It has always stuck with me and it’s one that I go back to every couple of years. Koholint Islands is one of the most unique settings in the series and I can not wait to explore it all over again. I know Nintendo will add lots of new secrets!


It has to be Animal Crossing: New Horizons for me. Yes, it’s been delayed, but the concept of transforming an desert island into a bustling town is an incredible concept and one that I am 100% excited for.


The biggest surprise for me was definitely Breath of the Wild’s sequel announcement, but I also loved Banjo-Kazooie’s return to a Nintendo console with their Smash appearance.

I think I’m most stoked for Cyberpunk 2077 now though, and Keanu Reeves just being there added to the excitement.


I can’t say any particular announcement felt like a must-have. Watch Dogs Legion does look like good fun and I’ll probably end up playing it just to check out locations I know from traipsing around London. Deathloop looks decent and Empire of Sin piqued my interest too, but Avengers seemed a bit underwhelming.

I’m also interested to see how The Witcher 3 runs on Switch. I absolutely did everything I could in The Witcher 3 and wouldn’t mind returning while on the go.


This might seem like I’m completely stuck in the past, but Phantasy Star Online 2, Panzer Dragoon and Dark Crystal Tactics! I was also pretty jazzed to see Watch Dogs Legion, as well as Gears 5 and Halo too, so I’m only mildly stuck in the past there.

On the whole there was waaaaaaay too much CGI to get excited about much.

How about you? Were you as miserable as this bunch of crusty CGI-hating cynics? Or did you find games that got your imaginations going? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Link’s Awakening. Hands down.

    Also a bit excited for Mario & Sonic Olympics, purely because it features skateboarding.

    Watch Dogs Legion isn’t quite what I was hoping for, but still one of the only genuinely exciting games at E3 this year.

    Having never played a Luigi’s Mansion game before, I’m looking forward to giving that a spin with my son too.

  2. All a bit disappointing this year, as might be expected the last year before the next gen machines appear.

    Watch Dogs may turn out to be decent, but they’re making a big point of the playing as anyone thing. So that’ll probably turn out to not be quite what we think. But if they do let you play the whole thing as a deadly old woman, then I’m in.

    Cyberpunk 2077 will probably end up like the Witcher 3. Looks very nice, everything else is a bit of a mess. So expect 10/10 reviews all over the place.

    At least we got a release date for the FF7 Remake. Unfortunately it’s looking like FFXV with the FF7 story bolted on.

    And MS announced they were also making a PS5 just weeks after Sony announced things. That’s probably not entirely a bad thing if both consoles appear next year and are about the same power.

    • Hocking said in the Ubi conference that you can set up your Dedsec resistance crew to literally just be old ladies, if you want. So yeah, I’d assume that, maybe outside the first mission or two, you can play as a gang of deadly/techy/awesome old ladies.

  3. Took my breath away..? Not really anything… Watch Dogs 3 was probably the most interesting thing, but apart from that there wasn’t anything overly interesting. Oh, maybe Flight Simulator, but it won’t be on any platform that plays in my living room…

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