PS Plus members can try out PSVR multiplayer shooter Firewall Zero Hour this weekend for free

First Contact Entertainment is hosting a free trial weekend for the PSVR exclusive multiplayer shooter Firewall Zero Hour, though you will need a PS Plus subscription to take advantage of it. The trial is running from today, June 28th, until June 30th. Trialists will have full access to the game’s features so can party up with or fight against friends who already have Firewall Zero Hour, and dive straight into battling others across the game’s variety of maps including the recently released Hangar map.


For players who already own Firewall Zero Hour this weekend will earn double XP. If you’ve not really paid much attention to the game then it may just be worth having a look. In our review Jim wrote. “Firewall: Zero Hour is essential for PlayStation VR owners. Despite this being First Contact’s debut game, it flawlessly executes on what the studio set out to do: to create PSVR’s first must-have multiplayer shooter. It may even sway some of those yet to purchase one of Sony’s high-tech headsets.”

You can read the Firewall Zero Hour review here.

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  1. It’s great how they break the game completely for 3.5 weeks after the big update that added the new map and terrible new menus, and then give us a double XP weekend.

    Absolutely useless for all those players who have already earned the 1,002,100 XP (yes, it really is that odd number) to hit the level 50 cap. And it’s all those level 50 players who will probably have been most annoyed by it being broken for so long.

    Still, at least they paused the weekly challenges for a couple of weeks. And then trolled everyone this week by making all the challenges for doing things as Okoro. He’s the kind of default character you end up with when things go wrong and it doesn’t load your preferred character and loadout in time. Frequently seen floating 6 inches above the floor in his Jesus pose. Or, since the big update, floating 6 inches above the floor in his Jesus pose inside a chair.

    But it’s mostly working now, so definitely worth checking out if you haven’t played it already. Just be aware that if anyone leaves your lobby, you might have a slightly longer than normal wait to find a replacement. Which is an improvement over those 3 weeks when if anyone left, your lobby was seemingly at the bottom of the list for matchmaking and had about a 1% chance of anyone ever joining again.

    • And it’s also on sale for £16 this weekend. Along with some other things. Why do Sony keep doing weekend deals and never bothering to tell anyone about them? Is it because they’ve got 47 other sales to tell people about every week?

  2. Making a PSVR game free during the hottest days of the year seems quite useless to me, or really bad planning.

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