Don’t Even Think, a free-to-play asymmetric PvP game with Werewolves, launches on PS4 this month

A Chinese free-to-play battle royale game is heading to PlayStation 4 in North America on July 10th. Published and created by Beijing Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Studio the game is set in a disaster simulation, check out the plot synopsis.

2037 AD: The world economy is in a recession, political turmoil is rife, natural disasters escalate with intensity, and social stability is on the verge of collapse. Possessing core technologies in various essential fields such as communications, military, AI and biopharmaceuticals, DET-i has become the world’s largest and foremost security company. To meet demands of its employer nations, DET-i has established a comprehensive research base named Prism City on an unspecified peninsula. Here, all kinds of extreme disasters are simulated in their most realistic conditions…

Sounds a bit Resident Evil-ish doesn’t it? Here are the ‘key features’ which may have lost a little in translation.

  • Join the DET-i: We provide everything you wanted! Take a look at what the world outside has turned into. You gotta be quick on your feet, you know damn well what the DET-i can offer you. You want your family to worry about your life? Join the DET-I: We provide everything you wanted!
  • Man up! This will be your new life now. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what merits you’ve earned in the past. Whether you were homeless, bullied, bankrupt, or a criminal, here, you do what you’re supposed to do! Man up! This will be your new life now.
  • You’ll never get what you want standing like a fool here. Fired a gun before? Or you are waiting for me to pray for you? Get your ass to the battlefield, go get shot, lose a few parts. You’ll never get what you want standing like a fool here.
  • Shut up, hold your breath, and don’t bite the bullets! Remember! Curiosity kills the cat! You see the tower? Don’t even think about climbing it. Weird scene? Don’t wet your pants. Shut up, hold your breath, and don’t bite the bullets!


You may have spotted something is missing – any mention of Werewolves. The trailer above features them heavily but there’s no explanation as to what is going on, it does appear that some players get to morph in to the giant beasts, the game is described as “an asymmetric PvP survival game” but there’s clearly some battle royale elements as well.

No news on a European release, we will keep you updated if we hear anything.

Source: YouTube / Gematsu 

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