Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled – next Grand Prix details leaked

With Crash Team Racing’s Nitro Tour Grand Prix having just wrapped, fans won’t have to wait long until the next season. Those logging into the chart-topping kart racer will see a notification, informing them that the next Grand Prix begins this Friday, on August 2nd.

Activision and Beenox have yet to come forward with any official details for its next Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix. However, thanks to dataminers, we’ve known for a while which Crash characters are being added to the game in future updates.


Over on Reddit, a user posted the image above which appears to confirms everything included in the upcoming season. Dubbed “Back N. Time”, this is the second leg of Nitro-Fueled’s Twilight Tour, introducing a brand new map: Prehistoric Playground.

This latest Grand Prix will run between August 2nd and August 25th. In that time, players can earn Nitro Points by either participating in races or completing a steady influx of challenges.

These points can then be spent on cosmetics items that are exclusive to this season. After August 25th they will no longer be available though Beenox has hinted that they may be purchasable via the Pit Stop at a later date. It seems very unlikely the developer would permanently retire certain karts and characters just after a few weeks.

Speaking of karts and characters, Back N. Time introduces new racers such as Baby T, Baby Crash, and Baby Coco, as well as skins for Zem, N. Tropy, Pura, Crash, and Ripper Roo.

There appears to be three new karts, too, one of them rocking an awesome prehistoric look.

We expect Activision to post an announcement with a reveal trailer at some point today. Later this week, the publisher will be unveiling its online multiplayer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In other CTR news, players have been voicing concerns over missing content from the previous Grand Prix. Those who finished the season in the top 5% of point earners were promised the Champion’s Kart.

However, those who managed to make the cut have yet to receive their reward. Beenox has yet to address the issue though it’s expected that the Champion’s Kart will unlock once Back N. Time goes live this Friday.

For more on Nitro-Fueled, we’ve put together a handy list of guides and features you can find below.

Source: Reddit

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