Embark on an Odyssey in Steep’s Season 9 which is now live

Ubisoft has released details about Steep’s Season 9, which is now live, and this season is all about a cross over. The gear set that players will be able to earn in Steep’s ninth season takes inspiration from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and the set itself has been called the Misthios set in honour of the eagle bearer. The season itself will be going on until September 3rd so there is plenty of time to earn the gear if you fancy it.


In the PvP mode all 14 playlists that have been released previously will be available though it looks like in cycles as Ubisoft states that there will be at least six accessible playlists at any given time during this season. The Alp Odyssey event, on the other hand, will only be available on August 2nd with each event within it linked so you’ll have to complete all parts of it. Medjay Challenges are also going to be added through the month, though those are yet to be detailed.

In addition, the Steep World Tour in-game tournament will take place from August 9th to August 25th with the set up as follows:

QUALIFIERS – August 9-12

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus SCARF, PARACHUTE and 5,000 STEEP CREDITS

  • Beat one challenge to access the next phase. Play all the challenges to get the maximum amount of Steep credits!

TOURNAMENT – August 16-19

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus BACKPACK, HELMET AND 10,000 STEEP CREDITS.

  • The best 100 players will qualify for the Final
  • You have 200 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 100

FINAL – August 23-25

REWARDS: SKI MISTHIOS for the TOP 3 plus 50,000 Steep credits for 1st place, 25,000 for 2nd place and 12,500 for 3rd place

  • You have 20 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 3

If you’re playing Steep you may as well try your luck. PS Plus subscribers had a chance to grab the game earlier this year.

Source: Ubisoft

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