Nintendo is serving up a Mario Tennis Aces free trial next week

Next week Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to download a free trial for Mario Tennis Aces, and it’ll be available to play from August 7th until August 13th. It appears this trial will give full access to the tennis title, and the game will also be on sale with 33% off if people like what they play and want to purchase it. Furthermore, all progress made in the Mario Tennis Aces game trial will carry over to the full game should a purchase be made.


Mario Tennis Aces released last summer and in the review Dom wrote, “Mario Tennis Aces looks and performs as well as anything you’d expect from the House of ‘Tache, but its family friendly appearance disguises a brutally difficult single player experience that will surely alienate younger players. With a high skill threshold, it also loses out on the simple delights of pick up and play local multiplayer, but for those willing to put in the time and effort there’s still enjoyment to be found in its surprisingly challenging, albeit embellished, take on the sport.”

I guess from that conclusion don’t expect an easy ride of it. Mario Tennis Aces has a number of modes including a single-player Adventure mode in which Mario travels through the Kingdom of Bask improving his tennis skills while taking on various bosses. There’s the multiplayer Swing mode in which players hold the joy-cons like rackets and swing to imitate hitting the tennis ball. There’s both offline and online Tournament mode which is quite self-explanatory. You need to get through the rounds to get the title. There’s the multiplayer free-play mode in which you’ll play matches of tennis and won’t have to Swing if you don’t want to. Co-op challenges also appear online allowing you to team up with others in an attempt to get past certain stages and missions together.

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