New The Last of Us Part II footage shown to GameStop employees

It appears GameStop might want to have a word with their managers as they’re not very good at keeping to NDA’s they have undoubtedly signed during The GameStop Managers Conference as along with the leak of remastered versions of Aladdin and The Lion King we also have news of new footage from PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last of Us Part II.

Dualshockers report that the new video showed how you could use clickers, The Last of Us’s version of zombies, to your advantage, with the gameplay taking place in a dark area with only fire and flashlights used to illuminate the surroundings. Apparently we will be seeing this footage “soon” so we may get it at Paris Games Week, or during the Outbreak Day celebrations on September 26th, the date that the cordyceps fungus hit critical mass.

Fun fact: Outbreak day is also Joel’s birthday and rather than cake and balloons he got mutated humans trying to eat his face off. Happy birthday Joel!

Talking of Joel, Troy Baker also took to the stage during the conference but details of what he spoke about have yet to be released.

With Sony skipping E3 there has been very little news on The Last of Us Part II which was originally revealed at the PlayStation Experience event on December 3rd 2016. We do know the story picks up five years after the first game and you will get to control Ellie, we have yet to see any footage of Joel as the protagonist. Whereas the first game centres on love director Neil Druckmann has said that Part II centres on hate so we could be in for some rocky times with Joel and Ellie. 

In April this year it was revealed that motion capture for the game’s two lead characters played by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker  has wrapped, marking the end of all cinematic shoots, and in June this year Ashley seemed to slip and reveal the release date of the game as February 2020.

Source: Dualshockers


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