Death Stranding’s eight minute long launch trailer is here

READ THIS FIRST: Hi, Tuffcub here, I am hijacking Stefan’s post. If you are planning to play Death Stranding DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. It spoils huge chunks of the game and the best part of Death Stranding is not knowing what the hell is going on. Please, please don’t watch it. Ta xxx

Easily one of the most self-indulgent launch trailers ever released, Death Stranding’s whopping eight minute long launch trailer is here, ahead of the highly anticipated Hideo Kojima game’s PlayStation 4 release on 8th November.


The latest game from the Metal Gear Solid creator is a curious title, built up over the course of several years of teasers and marketing pushes. It stars Norman Reedus as Sam, who’s seeking to reconnect and rebuild the country by delivering packages across the United States of America. This, seemingly, despite the best efforts of Mads Mikkelsen.

Will it be any good? Well, we couldn’t possibly tell you until the review embargo drops on 1st November, but that hasn’t stopped some people out there blabbing. The author of Mecha Samurai Empire & Cyber Shogun Revolution, Peter Tieryas, broke the review embargo earlier this week, tweeting that he has played the game and it is “breathtaking, easily one of the most unique and stunning experiences I’ve had in all my years of gaming.” He then noted that he’s not allowed to say anything more until the review embargo drops, except that the embargo which expressly forbids him from making such comments. Classic.

While the game will be out for PlayStation 4 next week, Kojima Productions have created Death Stranding as an external studio. Though it had long been rumoured, they dropped the bombshell that Death Stranding will be coming to PC next year with 505 Games on publishing duties. That’s pencilling in for “early summer of 2020”.

Back in August we saw mentions of exclusivity being removed from the PlayStation website, and when the game was initially revealed the Sony press release did state the game is coming to PC, something Sony seemed to have forgotten in the following months and only just remembered. There’s even the possibility that the game will head to PlayStation 5.

Anyway. Not long now, so keep an eye out for our review at 7.01am on November 1st and check out our Death Stranding Hub for everything else you need to know about the game!

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  1. Please don’t watch this it will spoil the game for you.

  2. Thanks for the heads up TC, you’re a TSA platinum service for the masses! Could we have a spoiler warning at the top of the review too, if it turns out you absolutely have to review the game whilst revealing gameplay/story stuff?

    • I mean… that’s entirely relative to how much you already understand about the game. If you’re wary of spoilers, you’ll probably be avoiding reviews as well.

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