Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order won’t have an EA Access free trial, but you’ll get some cosmetics instead

EA have confirmed that EA Access subscribers will not be getting a Play First Trial of this week’s hotly anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Instead, subscribers will be offered a handful of minor cosmetics for the game in part, they say, to reduce the risk of spoilers for the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC this week on 15th November, so they were cutting it fine to get a trial released, anyway.


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It cuts against the grain of all EA games having trial windows on their subscription games service, whether it’s the latest FIFA, new Need for Speed Heat, or other single player adventures like Mass Effect Andromeda. In each case, there’s typically been a ten hour play time window for the game’s multiplayer or a locked off section of the game for players to try out, before letting you carry that progress forward into the full game.

That said, though there’s precedent for single player games, it makes much more sense for Jedi: Fallen Order than it does elsewhere. Mass Effect Andromeda was a big RPG with dozens of hours of content, Need for Speed Heat is a racing game with a multiplayer component, and when it comes to sports games and first person shooters, those are always trying to sucker you into their multiplayer grind. That’s backfired on EA on a few occasions, with Andromeda’s trials spawning meme after awful meme and Anthem being similarly derided.

The simple fact is that Jedi: Fallen Order is a completely different beast to anything that EA has produced this generation. A purely single player game that’s likely to run about 8-10 hours (we don’t know this, we’re guessing). You could give a trial of the game’s opening, but that wouldn’t give a good picture of how the combat and abilities grow through the game.

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It breaks one of EA Access’ core promises, and makes a disappointing attempt at making it up to players. On the plus side, from what we’ve played at a preview event, it’s come together rather nicely.

Find our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order here, where I say, “It has the license, it has the Jedi coming of age story, but it also sees Respawn blending together genres that are wholly unexpected from a universe with as broad an appeal as this.”

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  1. Do yourself a favour, don’t read the comments to that tweet from EA. The entitlement is strong with this one.

    Favourites so far:
    I paid £12 for the year and games that still cost ~£30 in stores haven’t appeared in the vault yet.

    Lolol probably because the game is only about 12-15 hours long, cancelled. (Uncharted 1-3 anyone?)

    And my highlight so far. It’s going to be as bad as Ghost Recon Breakpoint AVOID AVOID AVOID. (Apples and oranges there I think).

    • They should’ve just been honest and said the game can be completed in 10 hours instead of giving such a lame excuse. Lots of people probably bought EA access just for this game.

    • Didn’t mean to post that as a reply, feel free to ignore, not trying to start anything!

      • You want a fight?

      • Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

      • *Places Sam Bridges to sleep in Death Stranding and gets the popcorn*


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