TheSixthAxis Black Friday Sale is now on!

Like the rest of the UK we at TheSixthAxis don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but, also like the rest of the UK, we’re going to have a Black Friday sale anyway. Step right up for bargains that will beat any other offers you will see today, we guarantee it!

Read one Review, get all the other Reviews free! 

Our first offer is a doozy. Pick any review we have published, including recent titles such as Terminator: Resistance, Need for Speed Heat, or Death Stranding, and get every single ever review we have published for free! There are thousands of games to choose from, including the headline grabbing internet sensation that was our NBA 2K18 review.


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Browse our range of in depth features, choose twelve for the bargain price of zero pounds (RRP: £6.99 each) and get access to all the other Features! Read about how F1 2019 added Formula 2, esports and Senna vs. Prost, DICE talking about Battlefield V, or how Nathan Whitehead created the music for Days Gone.

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Resident historian and part time wizard look-a-like, Adrian, has delved into the real life historical events that form the basis of many of today’s hit games. Get the low down on The forbidden gay love of Sundown: A Dunkirk Story, learn about The Mad Mythology Behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, or impress your friends with your knowledge of The Impressionist Art Of 11-11: Memories Retold. All 45 in-depth articles are yours for the princely sum of no dollars (or local equivalent).

Save 100% off on the News Snatch Box Set!

Gone but not forgotten, News Snatch will soon be doing what all ageing comedy series do – getting repeats on Dave. However, until that happens we can offer you a Box Set of News Snatch consisting of 435 episodes (!!!) with a 100% discount! All the Improbable Boobs™ you could wish for in one place, plus classics including: Mario’s Nipples, Chuck Tingle, Cheevo Hunting, Metal Gear Solid Porn, Spoon Licking Elves, and Taylor Swift Street Fighter.

Wait, you want more? Have some Farting Orcs, Well Dressed Llamas, Full Frontal Sex, Trouserless Hippos, The Pope’s Mystical Floating Cog, Colonial Marines, Duvets And Badgers!

*Please note that as some of these episodes are rather old, you may find they look a bit blurry/messy/incorrectly formatted on modern viewing devices. 

Bonus: Use any of the deals above and get unlimited Video Games News!!

From the latest patch notes to the biggest game announcements, TheSixthAxis has you covered. Who will Google blame for Stadia games not being in 4K this week? What ridiculously money grabbing scheme will Bethesda dream up next? Is Kojima secretly harvesting the DNA of all the celebrities he meets? Which sex act has Randy Pitchford stored on a USB drive to use ‘as research for a magic trick’ this week? Our crack team of news reporters will let you know the moment it happens!

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Thank you very much!

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  1. This Black Friday sale is a stiff. I’ve seen most of these reviews on sale at this price or lower at other times of the year. For shame TSA. For shame.

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