EU PlayStation owners check your email, you might have a 30% discount code

Sony are getting in to the festive spirit by sending EU PlayStation users a little gift, a new theme! Aww! Here is the text from the email.

Get in the Christmas spirit

It’s the season of giving, Tuffcub – so what better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than with a festive freebie?
Get your PS4™ looking just the part for the holidays with our specially made theme, which you can download from PS Store with your code below.
You’ve got until 31/01/2020 23:59 GMT to claim your gift so don’t miss out!

But wait, there is more! Some lucky PlayStation owners are finding that beneath the code for theme they are also receiving a discount code to use on the PlayStation Store. The discount could be 10%, 20%, or even 30% off. Or, in my case, 0%, I got the email with theme but the space where everyone else got a discount code was completely blank. Thanks, Scrooge Sony.


If you did not get a discount code then fear not, there’s a huge sale going on at the PlayStation Store, expand the section below to check out what games are on sale.

PSN Christmas Sale

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  1. I got the 10% off code yesterday so that’s not so bad if some got none.

  2. I hate when these type of things happen and the comments section are full of “fuck you sony, i only got a small discount” style moans.

    But it does make you wonder how they choose who gets what. As of now, I’ve received zilch and I’m ok with that but I’ve seen someone say they got a 30% discount and they spent about £100 this year (i’m definitely much more) and I assume Tuff has spent more too.

    Just seems to be no rhyme or reason to it at times. Nice promotion though!

    • Probably the more you’ve spent, the less of a discount you get. You’ll obviously spend money anyway.

      If you’ve only spent £100 and get a 30% discount, you’ll probably go and spend maybe half that again. Another £35 for Sony (after discount) you wouldn’t have spent anyway. Those spending lots more in the past will happily go and spend £50 in the current sale (or more – must resist!) and Sony get all that. No need to offer a discount.

    • Surely giving someone who has not spent anything a larger discount is a good idea, as it encourages them to get back and buy something?

      • I’m not a big spender on the PS store, I’ve only bought one game (WRC 8) and the NFS Heat Deluxe Edition upgrade in the past year or so.

  3. I got the email with a code for the crap christmas theme. Guess I’d better check what discount they gave me. Probably -10%…

    Nope. No discount code for me. But I did get another email saying “look at how shit we’ve made PS Now”

  4. I got a 10% code :)

  5. I got a 20% code

  6. I got sweet FA. Not even the theme!

  7. Not even an email with the theme. Gutted.

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