[UPDATE] PlayStation Pro prices slashed for Christmas, now £250 with game

In a move that might annoy people who bought a PlayStation Pro for £300 during Black Friday, Sony have now dropped the price of their most powerful console ever further to tempt those doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

You can get the console, a controller, plus either FIFA 20 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for just £269.99. If you already have a PS4 then you might be tempted by the limited edition white PS4 Pro, smothered in Death Stranding hand prints plus the opaque yellow controller and copy of Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece as that is also £269.99. Follow this link to discover which retailers have the offer.


The PlayStation 4 Pro price cut will be remain until midnight on December 30th but I expect it will be reinstated a minute later on January 1st for the big January sales. The standard PlayStation 4 game bundle is available for around £220 so the Pro price is extra tempting.

The offer may be a direct result of the Black Friday sales which were dominated by Xbox and Nintendo. Microsoft are still offering an Xbox One X and a game for £299.  You can also get the Xbox One S for a few pennies under £150.

Those of you looking for a cheap Nintendo Switch are unfortunately out of luck, UK retailers seem to be selling Switch Lite at it’s RRP of £199, and the full Switch console is still selling near £299 when bundled with a game. You can pick one up for around £279 without a game, but then you need to buy some games for it, swings and roundabouts.

If you are after a cheap present for someone you hate then Anthem has also retained it’s Black Friday price and is still available for less than a fiver, or old farts can relieve their youth with the PlayStation Classic which can be bought for £40.

UPDATE: As pointed out below, Currys are undercutting everyone and flogging the PS4 Pro for £250, you can get the deal here and here. 

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    • Yeah. That’s a retailer-specific reduction, going beyond Sony’s decision to drop the PS4 Pro bundle RRP to £270.

      • Don’t fiorget 6 months spotify premium. With thses deals so bloody good bargain
        Think the special edition death stranding is only £299

  1. Mr Harry Wallop from The Gadget Show said that last year most of the prices for tech were cheaper during December than they were on Black Friday, and reckons more the same this year.

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