Enter The Gungeon surpasses three million sales, Exit The Gungeon out soon

Dodge Roll Games has revealed that Enter The Gungeon has passed the three million sales mark, and has also stated that Exit The Gungeon will be made available soon on PC and consoles, though stopped short of saying when to expect the release. The company also confirmed that the House of the Gundead arcade cabinet would be shipping out to arcades soon too. If you have $4,999 lying around then you too can purchase the arcade cabinet.


It was in early 2019 when Dodge Roll released the final update for Enter The Gungeon through Farewell To Arms, which took the place of the cancelled paid DLC that the team had been working on previously. That wasn’t all the company updated though. After it was discovered you could not pet the dog in Enter The Gungeon a new update was rolled out to allow players to pet the dog.

In our review for Enter The Gungeon Stefan wrote:

Enter the Gungeon naturally won’t be for everyone, especially with its high difficulty and the pixel art graphics, regardless of how well crafted they are. It is, however, an excellent blend of roguelike and satisfying bullet hell gunplay that’s easy to dip into time and again.

You can read the full review here.

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