GAME announces a new offer: Trade in socks to get extra cash for your games

GAME have come up with a new gimmick to grab a few headlines but it’s for charity so that’s alright. Over Christmas many people will have unwrapped a pair of socks, the least festive gift known to man. However, socks are the most requested item of clothing in the UK’s homeless shelters so GAME are now offering you money for unwanted (and we must stress, unused) socks.

GAME will be offering customers extra credit for their trade-ins when they bring in their unwanted (new & unworn!) pairs.

An extra £2 will be given for games and an extra £15 when customers trade in tablets, phones or consoles. Every pair of socks collected will then be donated to various homeless charities to help communities up and down the country.

Given that GAME’s trade in prices are on the rather stingy size an extra £2 for a game and those vile socks Grandma gave you seems a pretty sweet deal. You will even be able to explain why you aren’t sporting your festive footsies by telling the gift giver you generously donated them to charity.


Just don’t mention you got money off a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as well.

GAME are the only remaining chain of video game retailers in the UK and are owned by the same company as Sports Direct having been bought for £52 million back in June 2019.

GAME also operator a number of  eSports arenas, called Belong, which Sports Direct had already heavily invested in before purchasing the parent company, GAME digital. Mike Ashley has said he wishes to open branches of GAME in Sports Direct and House of Fraser, the struggling department store that was also purchased by the same group. This is part of larger plan “focusing on the customer experience and experiential retail offering”.

Source: Press release

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  1. So all you need to do is go down to your local pound store and buy 30 pairs of socks, take them to Game with a game to trade in then buy a new game for effectively half price. Bargain!
    It’s just a pity the nearest Game store is around forty miles away.

    • I would assume there is some small print like only one £2 bonus per game you trade in, no matter how many socks

      • More than likely as they would have folk with trolley loads of socks turning up.

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