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Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers are being sued by Ubisoft

Not long ago Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was caught amid a barrage of frequent DDoS attacks, creating frustration within the game’s community as cheaters sought to increase their competitive rank by crashing entire matches, forcing their opponents to disconnect.

Ubisoft responded to the threat by outlining its robust strategy to crack down on these attacks – a strategy that involved players bans, reducing the number of matches being simultaneously hosted on servers, as well as chasing down those responsible with legal action.

Well, it worked. Soon after we reported that the game saw a sharp 93% drop in the number of DDoS and now Ubisoft is filing a lawsuit against some of those individuals who facilitated them.

A website called SNG.ONE is in the publisher’s cross hairs as it goes after those who operated it. The lawsuit was filed in a California court last Thursday, accusing the defendants of carrying out DDoS attacks against online game sessions – a “service” they would provide for online cheaters.

According to Polygon, who obtained a copy of the lawsuit, SNG.ONE sold subscriptions priced at around $30 that could target Rainbow Six Siege among other popular online titles including Fortnite, FIFA 20, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In other Siege news, the game is currently running its biggest live event to date – The Road to S.I. 20. Counting down to this year’s Six Invitational esports tournament, the Olympics-style event launched last week, introducing a new mode that transports players to The Stadium – an experimental arena with bulletproof glass walls and a modular design. Ubisoft also kicked off the Siege Battle Pass, offering hardcore players a shot to unlock some shiny new cosmetics.

With the Six Invitational 20 comes our first look at what Ubisoft has in store for Siege Year 5. We’ve know for a while that 2020 will see the game place more of a focus on world-building and storytelling than ever before though a recent leak suggests that there may only be six new Operators joining the roster instead of the usual eight. We’ll find out in several weeks’ time!

Source: Polygon

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