Star Wars Battlefront 2 BB-8 update has been delayed to next week

EA has announced that the BB update, which would add BB-8 and BB-9E as playable heroes, has been delayed until next week due to a bug found in the testing of the content. The update was supposed to roll out tomorrow, January 30th, but that won’t be happening now. On the official forums there was a statement released going into a bit more detail.

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the update that was due to release on January 30. During our testing we found a critical issue that means we will be pushing the update to early next week. We already have a new build going through its regular pre-release checks and things are looking positive.


Unfortunately, this is sometimes the reality in game development where testing continues right up until an update is deployed onto our live servers. Although disappointing, we feel that it is much better that we found the issue now, rather than have it slip through and make it to our live servers.

We’ll bring you a more concrete release window as soon as our pre-release work is complete and everything is in the green.

Aside from adding BB-8 and BB-9E this update would add the Age of Resistance to Capital Supremacy in the form of new Capital ships. Those ships are  MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. There will be other changes and additions too. Darth Vader will have the ability to block while choking other characters, Ajan Kloss will be added to Hero Showdown, auto players will have melee attack ability, Droidekas will get increased shield health, and Finn and Kylo Ren will get new emotes.

Source: EA

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