What We Played #448 – Gears Tactics, Final Fantasy VII Remake & Streets of Rage 4

It is Friday! Yes, that’s right, What We Played is here to keep you grounded with the knowledge that it is now the weekend and you can go from spending all your time in your pyjamas, to spending it all in your pyjamas, but on a Saturday. We’ve been playing many things, and I kind of expect you have been to. I’ve been playing at being a teacher to our 8 year old son, and while there are definitely some challenges along the way, it’s pretty damn rewarding. When I’ve had chance to though I’ve been playing SnowRunner, Get Packed, Gears Tactics, Warzone and made a start on Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, which, let me tell you, I can tell you nothing at all about.

Nic B is now 80 hours in and one chapter away from the Platinum on FF7R. “I’ve also found the rescue puzzle game that all the crappy ads on Instagram pretend to be, until you click on them and see that’s yet another crappy gem puzzle game; it’s called Hero Rescue, and it’s surprisingly good, if you’re looking for something to kill time with on your phone.” Aran meanwhile has been nailing Streets of Rage 4, saying, “it is brilliant and anyone who enjoyed the original games should love this new game.”

Nick P has mostly been playing XCOM: Chimera Squad for review, alongside his multiplayer staples of Warzone and some Predator: Hunting Grounds. His success rate has remained high, but Predator isn’t quite floating his boat: “Got a couple of wins on Warzone so far this week which is great. As for Predator… I’m not convinced so far. The game feels a bit rushed, to be honest.”

Gareth has spent this week playing Divinity Original Sin 2, “which I absolutely adore”, around bits of Pillars of Eternity 2 PS4 for review, “which I…will explain in the review”. Other than that, he got the Imagine Dragons song pack for Beat Saber, and has been beating, and/or sabering that.

Steve finished Stranger Things 3 and Adventure Time Explore with the kids, and has been in search of different game time distractions this week, saying “started Biped with my son which is hilarious but extra hard when played with an 8 year old. Started White Day: School is a Labyrinth for a bit of horror and it’s interesting but the jumpscare chase mechanic is a bit overdone.” he continues “And then, just to stay topical, I’ve been playing through Rage on PC in an attempt to clear the bigger installed games. It’s actually a really solid title removed from the excesses of expectation it faced at launch. Chunky feeling weapons and a manageable openworld.”

It’s been Sakura Wars and FF7R for Miguel, who is “loving the s**t out of both of them!” which must be good. He also grabbed Taiko No Tatsujin on PS4 and has been having a blast with that, while finally buying Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party on Switch, saying  “I’m all rhythm-gamed up this week”. He also got into Granblue Fantasy Versus a bit too, and has been playing a good chunk of Apex Legends. Finally he dipped into GTA V Online on PS4, but mostly just to claim all the free goodies sitting in his account.

Jim has been juggling two very different games this week; “It may be rough around the edges though I’m still having fun dipping into Predator: Hunting Grounds despite not being very good playing as the titular horror icon. Next to that I’ve been slowly chipping away at SnowRunner, the brutal haulage sim sequel to MudRunner and Spintires. It’s a frustrating game and one that seemingly revels in wasting your time though there’s something oddly alluring”.

Ade has also been playing Streets of Rage 4, saying that “it’s everything 12 year old me ever wanted in a video game!”, though surely that was Streets of Rage 2? Anyhoo, he also embarked on some multiplayer silliness with me and Nic B in Get Packed.

After patiently waiting for two weeks for some RAM, only to give up, cancel the order and place another for the exact same RAM but in red instead of black, Tef has been playing PC Building Simulator in real life. Goodbye Core i5 3570K, and hello Ryzen 5 3600!

And finally, in a surprise to no-one, including himself, Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2. But wait, there’s more! He’s also been playing Darksiders 2 Remastered… but he wasn’t particularly taken with it, saying, “It hasn’t aged well. So much empty space you have to ride through.” He’s now looking for a new game to really sink himself into after FF7R and Death Stranding. You got any suggestions for him (that aren’t The Witcher III)?

Right, what have you played?

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  1. Mostly just Division 2 still, and some HZD with the kids.
    But then I started watching all Marvel films again, and that kept me from gaming a lot.

  2. A lot of Dreams, playing a bunch of stuff from the recent Arcade jam and got a few more ideas up and running in my own projects. Also another chunk of Half Life 2, have just acquired the pods to control the Ant-lions and i think i must be close to the end now, i’ll be jumping into the episodes afterwards.

  3. I finished off and platinummed Need For Speed Payback. It was a lot of fun, very polished in many ways but with no standout features sadly, the cheesy story and well pitched difficulty was good to see though. My only complaint was the bloody collectible Gambler Coins, what a waste of time, there is no way to find them all without a guide, rubbish! Anyway, not sure what’s next, I still have to finish Knack…

  4. Thought I should clear a bit of the backlog, so I finished off the remastered Uncharted 2, and I’m about 1/3 of the way through 3 now. Kind of forgot how big a difference 3 is to the previous 2 graphically. Still has the same flaws all the games has. Annoying climbing bits that take too long moving between clearly marked things to hang on to, followed by falling off and having to do it all again. (2 being the worst, because you have to climb up that train twice). And bits where you run towards the screen, die because of something you couldn’t see coming, and then have to do it again until you get to the next bit you couldn’t see coming that kills you.

    Any game that has a running towards the screen section should automatically lose a point in all review scores.

    Then there was quite a bit of Borderlands 3. All those sidequests to do. Overall, not quite as good as Borderlands 2, but still lots of fun. A huge improvement with some of the ridiculous guns though.

    And from PS Now, Nights of Azure. Fun little game, decidedly average (but I quite enjoy decidedly average JRPGs). And then you realise one of the trophies is to do 300 sidequests. And you can only accept 3 at a time. And they’re all “kill 10 of something” or “go to this location”. So bollocks to that. I did go and do the 2 hardest extra bosses and get the other ending though. Even though the ending does have the worst example of padding out a game to last longer I’ve ever come across. Want to fight the final boss? You’ve got to fight all 6 previous bosses again first. And you’ve reached the level cap (bonus points for the level cap going up to 11), while the bosses are the same as they were before.

    VR this week was mostly Honor & Duty again. I’d still recommend it to anyone with a Fancy Hat, especially at just £7. And definitely if you managed to get an Aim controller. Gained quite a few new players lately, and hopefully more with the PC cross-play coming soon. 20+ players in a free for all match is just glorious chaos. Not for people who don’t like dying though. If I win a free for all match, I’ve probably got 30 or 40 kills, and usually 20+ deaths. But at least nobody ever gets upset at dying. Something about VR makes things much more friendly.

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