Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The Museum Day Stamp Rally event is now live

Announced last month as part of a string of in-game events through May and June, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now celebrating International Museum Day on your island. Any excuse to visit Blathers, eh?

Museum Day is live from today, offering a handful of rewards for visiting the museum and exploring its various wings – no, not the ones attached to Blathers’ body! – as part of a Stamp Rally.

It’s not a huge game changing event, but here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

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When is Museum Day in Animal Crossing?

Museum Day is a bit of a misnomer. It’s actually more of a Museum Fortnight, with the event running from 18th May until 31st May. It will really only take you a short time to take part.

What do you do in the Museum Day Stamp Rally?

To take part in the Stamp Rally, you just need to head to the full museum and chat with Blathers. He’ll invite you to take part in a Stamp Rally, venturing into three of the wings of the museum to find stamp machines. There’s three stamp machines in each of the fish, fossil and bug sections of the museum, and completing a set will earn you a reward.

Wait, there’s nothing in the art gallery?

Nope! For whatever reason, the art gallery is left out of the stamp rally on this occasion. In fairness, people’s collections are likely to be much further along, and so much more interesting to visit in the original three wings that were available from the game’s launch.

Where are those stamp machines?

The stamp machines seem to move around from day to day and even from player to player, but they stand out quite nicely from the surroundings. Once you’ve found a stamp machine, you’ll also get to see a stamp card for that area with names that can act as hints for the other two. So the Pterosaurs will be near the Pterosaurs in the fossil section, obviously.

What rewards are on offer for completing the stamp rally?

Once you’ve found all three stamps in an area, chat to Blathers on the way out and he’ll congratulate you on your stamp collecting, giving you a plaque to commemorate the event. These are:

  • Bug Plaque
  • Fish Plaque
  • Fossil Plaque

Now you’ve just got to device where to put them!

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