What We Played #453 – Terraria, Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath & 51 Worldwide Games

Ever a hobby to keep us occupied in lockdown, we’ve played yet more games this week. I’ve been playing a heap of Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch, as well as some Lego DC Villains since it was my youngest son’s birthday present. The fact that it’s got Mark Hamill playing the Joker means it’s probably one of the best Joker games out there. Alongside that there’s been some Disintegration for our upcoming review, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and 51 Worldwide Games keeping things rolling.

Jason has joined us in a more major role this week, as we stopped button mashing every time he levelled up and finally let him evolve into our first Guides Editor! His response was to shout at me in his loudest voice when I asked him what he played, replying: “TERRARIAAAAAAAAAA[…]AAAAAAAAAA”. Whether he can guide you is still up for question, but he can definitely shout in your face!

Gareth has reviewed Gorn this week, saying it’s “an odd but fun experience”. He’s also played some Terraria 1.4 9 (without shouting at me) alongside Death Stranding, Beat Saber, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. He says that latter might be one of the best games available on PSVR.

Nic B’s been playing Red Wings, a dogfight combat sim set in WWI; “It’s a fun little game if you like aerial combat, but it’s far less educational than I’d otherwise like. WWI is a treasure trove of interesting facts, but Red Wings doesn’t even scratch the surface. Cool little game, but don’t expect to actually learn anything!”

Jim is still playing that game, but he’s also found himself drawn to a couple of others, dropping some time into Payday 2 and the KartRider: Rift beta, as well as telling us that “In a drunken stupor (and no doubt suffering from a bit of sunstroke) I threw down some money on Tony Hawk Ride knowing full well what many had to say about that game. They weren’t wrong – Ride just didn’t need to exist even though it was a fun concept. The board controller has a decent heft and quality though doesn’t allow for any kind of finesse during play.”

Nicole has been mostly cracking on with some trophy hunting in The Last of Us, saying “It seriously staggers me how certain segments of the game still feel so harrowing even after having played them through so many times before. That aside, I’ve been indulging in Bioshock: The Collection on Nintendo Switch and rounding off most my evenings with some duos in Warzone.” Kris briefly appeared to tell me he’d played nothing. At least he didn’t shout at me.

It’s been more Civ VI for Aran: “I started a game as King Harald of Norway. Built some ships, sailed to America, met Roosevelt and sailed back. Then for some inexplicable reason Roosevelt declared war on me. Well, maybe he should have had a navy before chatting. I sailed right back, bombarded Washington, and took it from him. Then I set my sights on New Orleans, which I also took. I held off Philadelphia and agreed to peace due to the amount of money offered which allowed me to build up my army nicely to then conquer Philadelphia too. We’re at peace now but I’ve just discovered the location of Boston and settled two cities near it so who knows”. Phew! He also played Doom Eternal which is “okay so far”.

Tuffcub has played Rush of Blood on PSVR, dipping into his back catalogue of PSVR games. Frankly, it sounds pretty horrible, with him telling us that “the screaming pigs which are being sawed in half is still the stuff of nightmares.”

Also clearing a load of PSVR games was Steve, who worked through demos and experiences which were “mostly meh”. That said, Alumette and Crow are both worthwhile and he’s got the Iron Man demo downloaded for this evening.

There’s also been a fair bit of non-VR as well; “On PS4 I’ve been playing Those Who Remain and Skelattack for review but have been mostly PC bound. Massively enjoyed Song of Horror on PC – one of the best horror games in years, have been immersed in contraptions in House of Da Vinci 2, dabbled in some more I, Dracula: Genesis and got started on the lovely Harvest Moon-esque Summer in Mara. And, managed to find time to play through Riverbond and about half of Riptide GP Renegade before they leave Gamepass for PC. Picked up Medievil and Days Gone in the Days of Play sale but who knows when they’ll get installed.

“Phew! Might have a lie-down now.”

Miguel has been playing Apex Legends and Animal Crossing – the usual. He also played some Minecraft Dungeons, a pinch of Sludge Life, and finally picked up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch so he’s been “driftin’ like crazyyyyy”. That does sound crazy. Nick P meanwhile has been mostly playing MK11 Aftermath which has “been a lot of fun” and Plague Tale which “has got a lot of… rats”. He’s also been playing Desperados 3 for review.

And finally, Tef has dabbled with a few of the demos dropped onto GOG.com last week, namely Destroy All Humans!, Desperados III and System Shock. He might try and write about the two remakes in that list sometime soon, but for this week, he shared his thoughts on a hands off look at Project Cars 3, and a hands on session with A Total War Saga: Troy.

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    Sorry for the excitement caps xD been 2 long years since that game was laughing/mocking at me until it was free on plus and came across 2 great randoms who needs the trophy and we needed one more player and decided to have a random involved and hope he/she needs the trophy too! Only took 2 attempts whooo….. been playing that Zombies for about almost 20hrs I would say trying to get a squad and finally did it!!!
    Decided to start Grand Theft Auto III and I don’t know why… I think I have been watching Irishman, Scarface, and films involved gangster/mob lol
    So yep GTA III thia weekend :)

  2. Finishing off some backlog. Uncharted 3 remastered almost out of the way now.

    Bit of CoD WWII. I feel it’s trying a bit hard with the single player side. Trying to be all “ooh, war’s bad” while at the same time having 1 bloke save the day. I shall not be bothering with the Platinum there. Things to collect, and lots of “do this one thing half way through a chapter” nonsense.

    Still trotting about on Bob the Horse in RDR2 and killing random people for, well, just because really. While collecting flowers. Random murders and flower collecting. Also, I think my horse is a bit special. Keep falling off when I come across a fence, or a small cliff. Maybe my horse is just a bit of a wanker and doesn’t like me?

    And then a bit of some PS Now stuff. 11-11 Memories Retold is a nice idea, but a bit slow. And stuff to collect again, but this time you can’t see them because of the art style.

    Started on Metro Exodus. Which might turn out to be fun.

    And also God Eater 2. Which is entertaining enough, even if it is just an anime Monster Hunter with PS2 graphics. And dodgy controls. Camera all over the place, and switching weapons involves briefly tapping R1. No holding it, which would solve the problem of having to wait for an attack animation to finish.

    Oh, and finally finished off Mafia 3 and the 3 lots of DLC. I can see why some people didn’t like it, but once you get into gameplay loop, the repetitiveness doesn’t matter much.

  3. 51 Worldwide Games (Mancala and President), replaying The Last Guardian which is still ace and still enjoying Bioshock on Switch.

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