Project Cars 3 release date confirmed for August

Having announced Project Cars 3 at the start of June, Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios have now confirmed that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 28th August.

Slightly Mad’s third attempt crack at their homegrown sim racer series will feature an expanded car roster, new tracks including Interlagos and the roads of Tuscany, and a new, more linear career mode that will work from road cars and weekend warrior racing through to the upper echelons of motorsport.

Through this will be a new car upgrade system, letting you take a car from the start of the game through to the end, converting a road car to be fit for GT3 racing, while also customising and personalising it through a game-wide progression system.

The racing will come with a new gamepad control model (thankfully!), alongside a suite of improved assists aiming to make the game more accessible than ever. Similarly, there will now be race objectives beyond just finishing position, calling to mind some of the race objectives of Driveclub.

Off the back of an early behind the scenes look at the game’s development, we had mixed feelings that have since been echoed through the racing game fandom.

“That said, I’m not completely sold on the direction that the series is taking with the third entry. While I’ve not always gelled with Project Cars and some of the quirks of its design, I could appreciate the rough and ready challenger’s appeal when held up alongside the glitz of Forza Motorsport and the more subdued excellence of Gran Turismo. It did something different with its career and the array of race categories that it offers, letting you drop into whatever you fancied driving. Project Cars 3 seems to be trading in a lot of that for something more straightforward, something that almost feels more traditional.”

Read my full impressions here, or check out seven of the big changes in our accompanying video:

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  1. Late August seems pretty packed by now: Mafia, Project Cars 3, Broken Porcelain, PGA Tour, Madden, Wasteland 3.

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