Is Kojima teasing a new game in the Death Stranding universe, perhaps a sequel?

Hideo Kojima has tweeted that he is hard at work on his next game and included a couple of pictures as a tease. Here’s the first one in which he describes what he is listening too.


The interesting part here is the sketch of the of a vehicle, the posters over at ResetEra have noticed if you zoom in closely and flip the image you can read the text, ‘Bridges’.

Those who have played Death Stranding will know bridges, both real and metaphorical, are core to the story of the game. They will also know there are no flying vehicles in the the world of Deeath Stranding as the goopy whalesquids have stopped all air transport but this image is labelled “Landing ship”. There is a ship the game, a conventional water based one, but looks nothing like the image above.

Kojima also tweeted a second image which includes a BB out of his protective casing, a little on the nose if this is another Death Stranding game.

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Kojima as referred to Death Stranding as a franchise in the past so he could be planning a new game. A sequel, or perhaps another game set in the set in the same universe.

Death Stranding was both a critical and commercial success, Kojima recently gave an interview to Livedoor (translated via Gematsu), explaining how well it went.

How did Death Stranding perform sales-wise?

Kojima: “We surpassed the amount we needed to make a profit, so I think it sold well enough to be called a ‘success,’ recoupment of development costs included. We’ll release the PC version soon and have already secured enough profit to prepare for what’s next, so there’s no need to worry.”

To prepare for what’s next…?

Kojima: “I can’t say anything since it’s still in the planning stages, but we’re doing various work behind the scenes. Just recently, a big project fell apart, so I’m a bit upset about that (laughs). Well, that sort of thing happens often in this industry.”

Do you know anything about recent rumors to acquire the copyrights to Metal Gear Solid and P.T.?

Kojima: “Ah, that’s completely false. I haven’t heard anything about it at least (laughs).”

Death Stranding is out now on PS4 and coming to PC on 14th July.

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Source: Twitter / ResetEra

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  1. Nope. Don’t want a sequel at all! Death Stranding was genuinely one of my favourite gaming experiences ever, I loved every minute of that game, and the way the story wrapped up I thought was perfect, it shouldn’t have a sequel.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him mending fences with Konami and finishing off Big Boss’ story in MGS. I loved MGSV but there was a lot of loose ends.

  2. I only just got my mitts on Death Stranding, I’m looking forward to playing it a lot as it feels a very long time (pre-children actually) since my last Kojima fix!

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