Snowrunner Search & Recover Season Pass content out now, here is what you get

Today, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have released phase one of Snowrunner’s season pass content, and that is titled Search & Recover. With the Season Pass players will now get access to a new map called Lake Kovd, which is the first map set in the icy Russian Kola Peninsula Region. Alongside the new setting are new missions to complete on top of ice that is incredibly treacherous. To help out though players will get access to two new vehicles which are the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” and the Ford 750 4×4 CrewCab. There are also two new skins to match these new vehicles.


There is free content available too for those that do not have the Snowrunner season pass. This content includes Beta-state modding tools on PC, allowing players to craft their own maps, Trials, interior customization, and new challenging missions. Those with the season pass can invite up to three people without it so they too can experience the new content and play together.The full phase list for the SnowRunner season pass includes:

  • Phase 1 “Search & Recover”
  • Phase 2 “Explore & Expand”
  • Phase 3 “Locate & Deliver”
  • Phase 4: New expansion
  • High Roll Pack
  • Loaded Dice Vinyl Wrap
  • Scorched Vinyl Wrap
  • True Colors Vinyl Wrap

If you are just starting out with SnowRunner you should really read some of our guides. We have nine beginner tips to check out what to do when first starting out in the game. Maybe you are more interested in finding out what vehicle is best suited for your needs. Well, we have a full list of vehicles and all of their most important stats.

In our review for SnowRunner, Dom wrote:

SnowRunner is a game thoroughly, single-mindedly, in love with the open road. It just happens that it’s the kind of love that’s bred by getting that road so thoroughly under your nails, you occasionally have to wonder whether it’s actually hate. Care, attention and time will show that SnowRunner is a passion project worth putting the extra mile in for.
You can read the full SnowRunner review here.
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