Fall Guys downtime reward revealed – free Legendary Prickles costume and 5,000 Kudos

As Fall Guys went through extended downtime and server maintenance at the end of last week, Mediatonic said that they would be rewarding all the game’s players for their patience waiting for the game to come back online.

Now they’ve revealed the compensation that they’ve come up with: a Legendary Prickles costume and 5,000 Kudos to spend in the in-game cosmetics store. Not so cuddly now, are we?

To be eligible, you just need to have launched the game before midnight tonight, with this being gifted to all players automatically.

That’s not the only wonky moment that the game has had since release, with the first Fall Guys update having been planned for release yesterday and instead arriving today. The update patches a number of bugs and rebalances some game modes and the map rotation, as well as adding Jump Showdown as the first new map after release.

Thankfully, the game has overcome the serious server troubles that they encountered as the game launched. Last Wednesday, Mediatonic revealed that the first 24 hours had seen over 1.5 million players ran headlong into walls of doors, spinny hammer and swinging balls, and it’s this sheer demand that overwhelmed the company’s servers. That was obviously helped by the game being dropped in the laps of PlayStation Plus subscribers, but it was always going to be a streaming darling, and shot to the top of Twitch as well.

Fall Guys has been an absolute sensation for the team at developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital, with the companies revealing that they’ve sold over 2 million copies on Steam in the game’s first week. That’s before you take into account however many people have been playing via PlayStation 4, where it’s free on PlayStation Plus in August. However, that has also led to some major server issues around launch, with an entire day being effectively wiped out on Friday, as they shored up the servers and added capacity ahead of the weekend. Thankfully things have been fairly steady since then.

We posted our Fall Guys review last week, saying:

Full of cute and cuddly jelly beans bumbling into each other in a race for the crown, Fall Guys is just about the most wholesome battle royale imaginable, and a whole lot of fun.

Fall Guys is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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  1. Would rather get a Legendary Body Colour as its the only thing I need for the Platunum!

    • I’d rather they actually fix the servers instead of just pretending it’s all fine now. Because it’s still broken.

      • I have no issues on my end lol

      • Definitely not as bad as it was, but still failing at the end of a game. That error about getting your rewards later.

        Their idea of a fix is “just increase the timeout”. So now rather than throwing up an error straight away, it sits there for 30 seconds and then does it. And it does appear to be exactly 30 seconds. Because it’s not as if the game doesn’t involve too much waiting around already.

    • How in the hell did you complete the consecutive wins trophy?! Very impressive!

      • Just keep pushing it! I got Infallible trophy after 500+ rounds lol

    • Whoah, so you won 5 episodes in a row? I knew you could but that was so fast!

      • When you mentioned my name last week…. I was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 😂

  2. Anyone else find that quitting after being eliminated means an automatic disconnection error? As far as I can tell I’m getting the points anyway but it’s annoying.

    • You make it sound like you quit and get the error straight away.

      It’s more like quit, then wait 30 seconds for the connection to time out and then you get the error message.

      You eventually get the rewards, but not necessarily straight away. Getting to the points screen at the end of a game seems to (almost) guarantee you’ll get all the rewards you’re owed, but that doesn’t always happen anyway because of the errors.

      It does appear that quitting increases the chances of an error though compared to the game playing out completely and seeing the winner. Quitting seems to give about a 1 in 4 chance of a 30 second wait then an error. Although it does tend to cluster the errors, so you’ll get several in a row then none for a while.

      • Good to know, I’ve had them in clusters like you say, none yesterday evening when I played. I do tend to quit as soon as I can due to rage, hah, maybe I should slow things down a bit. Or win more!

      • If the servers are better than they were and some people are having no problems at all, but you’re getting whole bunches of games where the servers have a funny turn, you’re probably just unlucky. Which probably means you’re not going to win more, because there’s a lot of luck involved in winning. Far too much.

      • The luck factor is high you’re right, I’m sort of enjoying that though. My wife (who usually hates playing games) was lucky enough to win a race the other day and went absolutely mental, meanwhile I’ve been losing during the first round a lot and turning the air blue. Her callous laughter puts it in perspective for now but I’m sure it won’t be long before I chuck my controller at the telly.

      • It’s the thing that’s annoying me the most.

        That race with the doors and the fake doors? I was first. Miles ahead. Got the the last row with 3 doors and obviously picked the wrong one. At which point the whole pack of other players swarmed through the right one and I lost.

        Or the see saw race where half of you go each way and then half of you get stuck.

        And worst of all, there’s about a 1 in 4 chance that you try and jump and it completely fails to recognise you pressed the button and you plummet to your death. Probably respawning at the wrong end of a see saw.

        The whole game is a nice idea, it’s just so badly implemented in many ways. Winning should give you some sense of satisfaction that you’ve done well. Not just relief that you got lucky and survived.

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