Something for the Weekend – 19/09/20

Just a week after Microsoft lifted the lid on the new Xbox, Sony have revealed the all important details about the PS5 in a short but snappy presentation on Wednesday night. Since then, trying to get your hands on a pre-order has been a bit of a kerfuffle, but let us know below if you’ve been one of the successful ones!

In the News This Week

First up, here’s everything about the PlayStation 5:

And here’s what else happened:


If you’re into your Battle Royales, we’ve got a pretty snazzy giveaway this week, with 10 Spellbreak PS4 Founder’s Packs worth a whopping £99.99 up for grabs!

The contents include a Keymaster Outfit, Bughunter Outfit, Mystic Outfit, Master Badge, Battlemage Badge, Mage Badge and 15,000 Gold, with the giveaway running until Friday 25th September.

Games in Review

It felt like quite a hit-or-miss week for the reviews, but there’s some near essential games in the mix.

Featured Articles

Turning our attention to the previews, Jim’s initial scepticism was brushed aside once he went hands on with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – and you can also try out the Demo if you pre-order. Meanwhile, Steve enjoyed Remothered: Broken Porcelain, saying that it’s certainly improved – in fact, it’s “just the sequel that I was hoping for”.

Elsewhere, Jim asked whether For Honor was still worth playing in 2020, as Stefan questioned whether the disclosure that several PS5 exclusives would be coming to PS4 prove that Microsoft were right with their approach to cross-generational gaming.

Last up, the What We Played crew gathered round to discuss what next-gen console they will be buying.

Trailer Park

Deathloop gets a brand-new PS5 gameplay trailer

Watch the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay video

Resident Evil 8: Village has a new trailer from the PS5 showcase

Some new Oddworld Soulstorm gameplay shown for PS5

Your Achievements

Instead of asking the community what you’ve been playing this week, we asked what your plans were for the next generation.

Already having secured PS5 pre-orders are TSBonyman, doomsday619, Andrewww and beeje13, while Matthijs, MrYd and a few others are hoping there’ll be a second batch down the line.

Ico, seems to be the only one planning to grab an Xbox on day one, the value of Game Pass hard to pass up, but others are tempted by the Xbox Series X or S sometime down the line.

Meanwhile, tactical20 is holding out for a souped up Nintendo Switch, the plucky hybrid having rekindled his love of gaming since its release.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you again soon!