What We Played #470 – Star Wars Squadrons, Baldur’s Gate 3 & The Survivalists

We do love to play some games here at TheSixthAxis, and we certainly have been doing that as the autumn game releases rain down on us like tiny plastic boxes of joy falling from the sky. I’ve spent a load of time with Star Wars Squadrons and I’ve really enjoyed it, though it’s a shame to hear that we might not get any extra DLC or updates in the future.

Besides that I’ve started to play Ring Fit Adventures, and Baldur’s Gate 3, all the while waiting for access to the Oculus Quest 2 we’ve been sent. I just put it on my head for ten minutes a day to listen to the tranquil 3D audio of the start-up screen at the moment. But that’s all I can do.

Jason started us off with a string of expletives since he didn’t believe it was the end of the week. In amidst that he also forgot to tell me what he was playing, but I can tell you now he probably enjoyed a Rogue-Souls-CCG-like which was both very tough and very pretty.

Nic B also swore at me, but he did at least remember the question, telling us “I’ve played a lot of Ring of Pain. Review embargo is the 15th, but first impressions embargo was yesterday so I can say it’s a cool card-based roguelite dungeon crawler which is a fascinating idea. I also went to see Akira 4K in a cinema.”

Jim spent most of his gaming time racking up a few wins in Fall Guys, making the most of the double Fame event before the Season 2 launch. He’s also managed to hit a milestone in Final Fantasy VI, having progressed further than his original corrupted PS1 save from many years ago, saying “I can definitely see why it’s a fan favourite with some interesting battle mechanics and characters.”

Tuffcub tried to play Destiny 2 for about half an hour, but he’s been too busy for games, which is a bit of a shame. Come on world, this man just wants to play Destiny 2! Aran did find time for games though, and spent it reviewing FIFA 21, saying “it has some improved parts over FIFA 20 but it isn’t that much different”. Alongside that he’s playing through the campaign of Modern Warfare.

Also on the review path was Tom Lord, who has been playing a lot of Ride 4 for review. He’s been browsing through the dealerships and ogling at motorcycles which is super satisfying, but the on-track action less so. Ade meanwhile has been playing the strategy game Warsaw for a console review, saying “It’s a pretty unique game, but as the player is doomed to lose, there’s no way you can win! Whilst this is fitting considering the history of the Warsaw uprising, it’s also a bit… unsatisfactory. Anyway, more of all that in the review. I’ve also been playing Cake Bash for review which is pretty much Fight Club for sweet treats. Finally I’ve been playing some more Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is probably Lara’s best game yet.”

Nick P has been playing Baldur’s Gate III this week which has been “bloody marvelous”. And of course he’s played a bit of Warzone on the side, for a change. Gareth has been mostly playing the amazing-sounding One Finger Death Punch 2 and The Survivalists for review, though he’s managed to squeeze in an hour or two of Minecraft VR alongside them.

Miguel has been playing a lovely mix of things, spending time with Genshin Impact, 13 Sentinels, Animal Crossing and Apex Legends. Steve was the last of the latecomers and told us “this week I finished TLOU2 which is a landmark in terms of cinematic gaming and technical achievements but is still rooted in the past in  so many ways. Could have been a few hours shorter and been just as effective. That being said it is one of the most important games of the generation. Other than that I’ve played a bunch of PC titles for review and tinkered with Oculus Link for lots of SteamVR fun.”

Finally, Tef dove into the weird and slightly unsatisfying Super Mario Bros. 35. It’s Super Mario smushed into the Tetris 99 formula for battle royale and doesn’t quite pull it off, but is sure to get better and more varied as the players get better at it.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Too much Genshin Impact this week. Up to adventure level 29 now. 1 more level to go before I can level up the characters some more.

    And then from PS Now, I gave Trine 4 a go. Looks as nice as to be expected, but by this point I think the puzzles are getting a bit predictable. On to the collect everything and get the platinum stage now.

    And some Medievil, which is a decent enough remaster, but the gameplay is showing it’s age a bit.

    Oh, and some RDR2 of course.

    • Oh, and I forgot about Rogue Company. Which is a fun little F2P shooter. With the right amount of money making options. (You can unlock new rogues quicker if you buy money, and various appearance options. You can even pay money to get your hands on a man quicker and then pay more to get him to take his shirt off!)

      Worth a look, and with 4v4 games it’s quick to get into a game. And it looks pretty decent, with quite well designed maps. Small maps (good for only 8 players, I guess), but nicely designed with plenty of options to shoot someone in the back of the head.

  2. Same as last week really, a bit of HZD and flight simulator. Tried some new areas of the planet I know well but still quite disappointed with the AI generated scenery TBH. Worth the £5 I’ve spent on Xbox games pass so far but don’t think I’ll be continuing it – I just don’t have the time to make the most of it.

  3. Played a lot during the weekend and week (thanks to being off work for 3 days wee holiday break)
    Been playing and Platinum Sound Shapes on PS4, Hitman Go on the Vita. Started Life is Strange: Before the Storm and got the Platinum. Fired up my PS3 for another Sound Shapes and got the Platinum (the cloud sync has been shut down, so had to play all 3 of them. Luckily got better and better from the Vita to PS4 and speed up on PS3 lol)
    About to Platinum Beyond: Two Souls this weekend and what a game it is…. still holds up since the launch 7 years ago!
    Tony Hawk’s Platinum will be on Sunday when watching football as I am very close to Career Level 100 (sitting at 98 and a half) which will bring me to about 6 more Platinums to obtain before the PS5 (wanted to get a PS5 500th Platinum!)
    This weekend will be Star Wars Squadron as I haven’t played it since Tuesday and kinda missing it out due to all the games I wanted to clear out lol and I might start on…… Saint’s Row IV: Re-Elected this weekend for having a break from the VR.

  4. X-Wing Squadrons for me, that’s what it’s called right? The news about the plans for no DLC highlighted the budget nature of the game for me, whilst the stellar effort to revive an old genre plus the excellent story totally justify the £30 the limited multiplayer options definitely give that impression of a budget title. That doesn’t matter to me though, its frelling awesome! I’m on mission 8 of the story and loving the nostalgia trip and slowly raising my KDR while failing miserably to beat the ‘easy’ AI at fleet battles, but still having fun. I did a lot of dogfighting over the weekend but haven’t gone back to that much and I’m steering clear of the ranked fleet battles because everyone else is a lot better than me.

  5. Just started Death Stranding, the graphics are very impressive. I’m a few hours in, really enjoying it so far. Everything about it is very Kojima, you can tell that he’s the driving force behind it.

    Figuring out the best way to safely cross terrain in this game is surprisingly fun.

    • Just wait until you start hating it. And then loving it again. And then declaring it to be the worst thing ever. And then (if you keep at it, or come back a week later) it’ll do something that makes it the best thing ever.

      Until it’s shit again.

      I think it’s designed so that any review score you could give it, from 0 to 10, is absolutely correct at some point in the game. And weirdly, sometimes all at once.

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