Sniper Elite 4’s first Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer revealed

Rebellion are pulling off one of their most daring missions yet, as they port their biggest and boldest Sniper Elite game to the Nintendo Switch. Ahead of the game’s 17th November release, Rebellion have released a gameplay trailer, showcasing the various features it has on the hybrid console.


Following on from Sniper Elite v2 and Sniper Elite 3’s Switch ports, Sniper Elite 4 has to be the most ambitious effort so far. This was their first game designed purely for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, using the power the home consoles to create much broader sandbox environments for you to sneak and snipe your way through. By contrast, Sniper Elite 3 was a cross-gen game, and so could potentially be a bit easier to port over.

As with Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition, Rebellion have built in support for a number of Switch-specific features. There’s HD Rumble support, motion control aiming, you can play the game’s 4 player Survival mode in local co-op, not to mention the 8-player competitive multiplayer online.

In our original Sniper Elite 4 review, I wrote:

Sniper Elite 4 is easily the best in the series so far. It’s still the same methodical stealth game at its core, but Rebellion have added to that with more possibilities for the player, bigger and more open maps, and a handful of new modes.

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  1. “This was their first game designed purely for Xbox One and PlayStation 4…”

    Really? As it came out on PC the same day.

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