What We Played #475 – Demon’s Souls, Gears Tactics & Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It’s finally started! The next generation is here, and dove right into it here at TSA. I was lucky enough to grab an Xbox Series X, and I’ve been massively impressed by how fast and quiet it is. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Dirt 5 are both fantastic, while Planet Coaster: Console Edition has been the perfect antidote to all the pillaging and drifting. I’ve also returned to Tetris Effect: Connected, with some thoughts on all the multiplayer shenanigans coming soon!

Aran also joined team Microsoft, saying he’s been surprised at how much he’s enjoyed Gears Tactics on Series X. “The game has really drawn me in and I’m having configuring squads to find the battles. Have also started Observer Redux for review. More on that next week.”

Steve finished his Normal playthrough of the impressive FFVII Remake and is weighing up a Hard run through. He’s also been “lopping limbs and breaking skulls in the rather fun Rune II, and spent a traumatising couple of hours with the great little Shut In.”

Tuffcub has been playing “Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Back to the Grind”, but is it really back to the grind if the grind never stopped. Meanwhile Gareth has been playing Chicken Police and Shadow Fight Arena for review, as well as some more Watch Dogs Legion and Minecraft.

Nick P has actually managed to get a selection of games tucked away, telling us. “I finished TLOU2 which was… ok. Definitely not the masterpiece everyone is saying. There’s a decent game in there but it’s muddied with filler and bad writing. I finished Little Hope which I quite enjoyed. It’s miles better then the slightly disappointing Man of Medan with the game having more of an intense horror feel to it. Finally, played and got the Platinum on Maneater. Man, what a fun game. It was a short experience but I walked away wanting more. It’s like Goose game but violent!”

The DualSense has been almost glued to Jim’s hands this week, as he’s been ploughing through that first wave of PS5 launch titles including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Demon’s Souls, and Godfall. “Flipping between them has been exciting yet there comes a certain amount of disorientation as I hurtle from one game into the next. As a reprieve, I’ve spent the occasional fifteen minutes here and there with FUSER which has been great fun.” He continued, “Whether I’m taking it seriously or just trying to make some garish sounding mixes, it’s easily one of the best things I’ve played in 2020. When attempting to wind down, I’ve found myself going back to Final Fantasy VI. Again. I’m now powering through the second half and would say it’s close to topping FF9 as my fave game in the series. I’ve already purchased Final Fantasy IV while it’s on discount, so I know what I’m playing next!”

Nic B has played a lot of Genshin Impact, where he’s run into the pay wall for upgrading his characters and stuff. He’s still determined to keep the game absolutely free, though. Meanwhile, Ade has been enjoying a host of different things this week: “Laura and I have been playing through Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 on coop – it’s a fun little game, if a little shonky in places. Punching Romans out of their sandles is always a delight! Other than that I’ve been finishing off the story mode of Shadow of the Tomb Raider before hopefully starting on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Oh, and I’ve been playing Paw Patrol Mighty Pups with my son for review, it’s a surprisingly alright game!”

Miguel started playing Yakuza: Like A Dragon! “So far, its everything I was expecting. Really amazing story and visuals, love Ichiban, but mannnn the turn-based combat is just not as visceral or exciting as the action combat for me. I can already tell the RPG stuff is a ticking time bomb for me, at some point all the systems and jobs and party members are gonna start pouring in and I’m either gonna plow through it for the story goods or I’m gonna fall off hard when the game asks me to grind for five hours.” He’s also been playing Teardown, “a very very cool indie game”, a bit of Fuser, some Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and last night he played co-op Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 3 with a pal, “which was ssoooo silly and dumb and fun.”

Thomas Harrison_Lord has been playing F1 2020 online with some fellow TSA readers, saying “It’s fun, but the same-old F1-game multiplayer tropes are starting to grate. Weird virtual safety car delta times, inconsistent penalties and restrictive race-length options, all of which have been in previous iterations. Time for a next-gen version, please.”

And finally, Tef’s also been on the next-gen train, checking out WRC 9 and Dirt 5 on PS5 to share some thoughts on what the DualSense can do for racing games, savouring the upgrade to DMC5 Special Edition (even if he’s not the most ardent DMC fan), dipping a toe into the compelling world of AC Valhalla, and dashing through Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

And now, what about you? Have you had chance to hop on the next-gen train? Or are you waiting for next week’s UK launch of the PS5?

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  1. No next gen for me yet. I would actually be interested in a series s as a 1080p game pass box but only if it also had a disc drive so I could pick up other titles or anything I wanted to keep. I’m just not ready to go fully digital (probably never will be)

    Otherwise the closest I got to gaming this week was getting my “new” ps3 to download a few titles like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for me to go back to and finish some time.

  2. Played Watchdogs and only a trophy away from Platinum and will have to wait until after PS5.
    Started Valhalla and loving it 25hrs in and still a lot of stuff to do and it is brilliant! So that is my weekend sorted in Valhalla!

  3. Finally got started on Far Cry 5. Those online trophies that seem to be there just for the sake of it are a bit annoying, aren’t they?

  4. Lego Indiana Jones on PS3 with my son. Also got Azbo (or whatever it’s called) on Switch for 4p, lol. No idea what you have to do. I’m just swimming about with a load of fish at the moment.

  5. Still waiting on next gen, will get my PS5 next Thursday it was confirmed. I’m still undecided whether I should get Demon’s Souls, the Pathless, Spider-Man, or something else.
    This week I played through Late Shift, which is not quite as good as Erica, but I’ll have to give it another go, as my ending wasn’t really that successful. I also tried The Bunker, but that one started off so boring, I fell asleep over it.

    • The Bunker starts off a bit slow, but gets better. It’s much more linear than Erica or Late Shift though. And clearly had a much smaller budget. But it’s still good, and you won’t be playing it many times to get all the possible endings.

      • Yeah, I thought I’d give The Bunker another go. But I think as a general rule ‘start strong’ also applies to games, and it’s a shame they lose my interest in the first 15 minutes of their game already.

  6. Too many things again. Far too long with Squadrons and NMS in VR.

    Then I resubscribed to EA Play, so got stuck into the other Star Wars game. Fallen Order. Which is quite good fun even if it’s just Tomb Raider with light sabers and a few bits “borrowed” from some other games.

    And then gave Rocket Arena a go, since it was on EA Play too. It’s fun, if a bit pointless. They should have done it as free to play to start with, really.

    And then back to the PS Now games I’ve been trying. Vermintide 2 is still fun, if flawed. Start new character, forget to change difficulty, play random game while not being particularly effective, still beat the level and shoot up to level 5. Try another one, join just as they’re running for the exit, gain several more levels. Try again, join just as the others failed, still gain a couple of levels. I’m not convinced it’s supposed to work like that. Also, who thought a very explodey character was a good idea? I’m ok with firey weapons overheating and not working until they cool down, but having you explode and die instead? Interesting choice.

    And Rage 2, which is reasonably competent. Just nothing special. At least, not when we’ve got several Borderlands games and that Mad Max one.

    • Oh, and I was going to mention this as well…

      The camera adaptors so you can use PSVR on the PS5? They’re shipping now. Found an email in my spam folder yesterday saying it’s on it’s way and will be here in 3 to 6 days.

      So in theory, people should be getting them on or before the day the PS5 launches.

      Now I just need to get a PS5…

  7. I’ve been trying to tie up some loose ends before PS5. So this week I went back to Horizon Zero Dawn, three years after finishing it, to play the Frozen Wilds DLC. It took a while to remember how it all works after such a long gap, but I’m really enjoying it now :)

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