Our Most Wanted Games of 2021 – #6 Deathloop

Deathloop is likely one of those games you keep hearing about, but actually know very little about. Even after seeing the game in motion, you might not get what’s truly going on beneath the surface of Arkane’s latest first person action adventure.

At a glance, Deathloop seamlessly embodies that style and sense of place Arkane are best known for. You will play as Colt, an assassin caught in a time loop who finds himself waking up on the beach of Blackreef. The shady denizens of this island have come together for an exuberant night of partying, knowing that when it all ends, the time loop will revert any mischief and mayhem that might have taken place. In the middle of all this, Colt is attempting to hunt down eight targets, learning more about them with each time reset.


It’s an incredible premise and one that is thoroughly befitting of Arkane. It will be interesting to see what a full playthrough of Deathloop will look like once players have managed to put together all the pieces of this time-bending puzzle. It will also carry that same brand of first person gameplay the studio has a knack for, meshing guns, melee, and stealth, this time in a more combat-focused, 70s pulp/noir theme setting.

What’s even more ambitious is the inclusion of online multiplayer. As you play through Deathloop your session can be invaded by an opponent who dons the role of Colt’s nemesis, Julianna.

Deathloop will launch on PlayStation 5 and PC on May 21st. Even with Microsoft’s impending acquisition of Deathloop publisher Bethesda, there’s still a one-year PS5 console exclusivity window that will be honoured. When this is up, we expect there will be a beefier version of the game land on Xbox Series X|S.

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