Gran Turismo 7 beta may be on the way after listing spotted on PlayStation website

Gran Turismo 7

There could be a Gran Turismo 7 beta coming soon after a now removed listing from the PlayStation website was spotted by GTPlanet. The now delisted portion that gave clues to the the Gran Turismo 7 beta was in the Experience PlayStation portion the website. Once people made their way to there a button called “Start Quest” needed to be pressed, going to related quests, and then the Italia Quest. Gran Turismo Beta (Test) was then listed under that header. The beta was listed for PS5.

Image from GT Planet showing beta listing


If Sony is planning a beta for Gran Turismo 7 then it may be announced soon. There are rumours that Sony will be hosting a PlayStation Experience event in the next couple of months, and it could be there where Sony would reveal a beta for the anticipated flagship racing game.  Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 5 was announced at the console’s reveal event in June 2020, giving us a good long look at a game in a seemingly very mature state. That included showing off the game’s ‘GT Town’ main menu, which is suitably esoteric, car upgrading, and a good long look at some actual gameplay.

Gran Turismo 7 looks set to return to the collectathon racing game of old. In a recent interview, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi told Octane Japan, “While inheriting elements such as the [FIA] championship realized in Sport, Gran Turismo 7 will return to the royal purpose of full volumes like [Gran Turismo] 1-4, and provide the best Gran Turismo experience at present.”

The trailer also showcased stunning next-gen graphics with 4K, HDR and ray traced reflections, all while targeting 60fps. It will also take advantage of the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD, Tempest 3D AudioTech and use the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense to enhance the immersion for players using a gamepad instead of a racing wheel. Gran Turismo 7 was recently delayed 2022.

Source: GTPlanet

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