Alan Wake Remastered appears to be releasing in October

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Alan Wake Remastered appears to have leaked again, and it seems like that this remaster from Remedy will coming fairly soon. The leak comes via Rakuten Taiwan where Alan Wake Remastered has been listed for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with a release date of October 5th. The leak has been spotted by Wario64 on Twitter with industry analyst Daniel Ahmad following up with a a tweet saying the official reveal will come next week.


Alan Wake Remastered was first spotted on the Epic Games Store backend a few months ago, so a reveal has been expected for a little while. Remedy has been revisiting the titular character through its most recent release, Control, where it was confirmed both games take place in the same universe and are linked quite intricately. Back in 2019, Remedy acquired the rights to the Alan Wake franchise from Microsoft in 2019, which means the developer has full ownership and can do whatever they like with it now. The Alan Wake Remastered release is likely coming to gauge interest in the series alone, and indicate whether Remedy goes full steam ahead on a full Alan Wake sequel.

Alan Wake was first announced in 2005 at E3, with Remedy coming off the back of several years worth of Max Payne games. At the time they did not have a publisher, but signed an exclusivity deal with Microsoft in 2006 to bring the game to Xbox 360 and Vista. The PC version would eventually be dropped as the game went through development, eventually coming out in 2010. This would eventually be revived for a 2012 Steam release with Microsoft eventually greenlighting the project after Remedy repeatedly asking.

While the game gained a cult following, it only received a small scale standalone spin-off, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Remedy showed a prototype of Alan Wake 2 to a number of publishers, after Microsoft decided not to pick them up on the game, but failed to find backing and eventually cancelled the project. Instead, Microsoft wanted to work on another new IP, resulting in the development of a video game and TV hybrid Quantum Break, as an exclusive for Xbox One and PC. After Quantum Break, Remedy went back to multiplatform releases with Control.

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  1. That’s interesting. Cracking little game with fun flashlight-shooting mechanics. Would be interested in playing again price was right. Graphics of original hold up well due to art style.

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