A Jak & Daxter movie is in development and may star Tom Holland

Jak Daxter movie tom holland

Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer has announced that not only is he working on a Jak & Daxter, but that it may also feature his current star, Tom Holland.

Tom has previously expressed a desire to make a Jak & Daxter movie and it turns out that Ruben was already working on the project.

Jak 4 – it’s finally time for a Jak & Daxter sequel

“Just by coincidence, somebody forwarded me an article where Tom Holland was asked if he could make any video game a movie, which would it be,” Fleischer told Games Radar. “He said Jak and Daxter and so, when I saw him earlier this week on this tour, I said, ‘You know, Tom, someone told me that you want to make that movie. I’m actually trying to make it.’ So there’s the possibility that we could partner again on that one, which I’m really excited about.”

“Similar to Uncharted, what makes Jak and Daxter so special is the buddy relationship at the centre of it,” adds Reuben. “They are a team and they help each other out and they make sacrifices for one another. And that is I think the key to a great comedy. It’s a little funny to hear, but the two movies that kind of inspired the film adaptation of Jak and Daxter are Midnight Run and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

It seems the project is well underway as both Naughty Dog and PlayStation are on board, although there has been no official announcement for the movie.

The Uncharted movie is set to launch in the UK tomorrow, 11th February 2022 with the United States. getting it a week later on 18th February 2022. A new clip has been released from the Uncharted movie, showing off one of the most spectacular sequences from the video game franchises recreated in the motion picture.

The plane fight sequence was one of the show-stopping set pieces from Uncharted 3, the third and final game in the series to release on PlayStation 3. Millions of players know how that fight plays out, so it’s not that big a spoiler to showcase it in this video (especially because they’ve been teasing it in movie trailers and screenshots over the past year). However, it’s been given a completely different context as the Uncharted movie mixes up a bunch of narrative threads and ideas to tell a different story.

Source: Games Radar

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  1. Ok, you’ve awakened me from my slumber. I’ve been here everyday for over a decade now but don’t post very often.

    This is mental. As a long time Jak fan all this news is very exciting. It’s been 18 years… 18 YEARS since we got anything real from this franchise. Hoping to see this actually materialise into something.

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