What We Played #571 – Dakar Desert Rally, Marvel Snap & Overwatch 2

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It’s been an exciting week of gaming, and with the weekend arriving it’s only going to get better. I’ve been playing a heap of Dakar Desert Rally, with it turning out to be a drama-packed dose of rally driving, even if there are a few annoyances along the way. Alongside that I’ve bedded in for a whole heap of Moonbreaker, as well as nearly finishing my Space Marine playthrough. It’s just as good as I remember, and it’s proved to be an oddly relaxing end-of-day game to play on my Steam Deck. I’ll be hopping into at least one new title on Switch too, but I can’t tell you about that until next week.

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2. Obvs. There’s little more that can be said about that other than, “Still???!”. Oh well, as long as he’s happy!

In more interesting and varied gaming, Aran completed the campaign for Chorus. He told us, “The gameplay was really good with fast paced space battles. Up until the last boss fight which was really slow in comparison. Also played through Citizen Sleeper which is an excellent RPG about trying to survive on a space station. It’s really simple to pick up but you’ll face some tough choices along the way. Dabbled a little with Overwatch 2, but not sure if it’ll be for me. Finally, just started Lost In Random and getting to grips with that.”

Chorus – Forsaken Combat

Nic B is all about the enlightenment so he’s been playing [embargoed]. It’s [embargoed]. There’ll be more enlightening details in our preview at the end of the week!

Nick P finished Inscryption, saying, “It’s not only an amazing game, but there’s also has a fascinating metaverse surrounding it which I’ve enjoyed exploring. After MANY tries, I got some games of Overwatch 2 in which is of course very good, I started a play-through of the Resident Evil HD Remaster because I fancied it, as well as starting The Evil Within 2 again for my next video project, and of course I got my usual Dead by Daylight games in.”

Overwatch 2 Beta Sojourn

Reuben has been playing a lot of Gloomhaven, since it was free on the Epic Store a couple of weeks ago, saying, “it’s enjoyable but a touch cruel at times.” Otherwise, he’s just been plugging away at Disney Dreamlight Valley, with him admitting, “Yes, I’m still obsessed with it. No, I haven’t gotten over the fact that Stitch is not in the game despite being on the loading screen.”

Jim has maxed out his Marvel Snap battle pass just before the season ended – he’s now likely wait until the global launch to properly dive back in. He also told us, “I’ve also made headway with Final Fantasy X after stopping and starting throughout 2022. I seem to be breezing through random encounters, though the late-game bosses are slamming me pretty hard. As much as I want to explore a lot of the side content, I’m eager to see the credits roll so I can then move onto Final Fantasy IX!”

Gareth has played Civilization VI and started Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous for a review. Meanwhile, Ade has been ploughing through Alienation with his significant other, while also dabbling with Hot Wheels Unleashed and Superhot, now they are both on PlayStation Plus Essential. He says, “Both are excellent, though in very different ways!”

Steve has played some more Xenoblade Chronicles, which has “become my ‘quick go at bedtime game’ so will probably get finished by about 2050. I have also started Stray which had a hilarious effect on my cats, who couldn’t understand where the meows were coming from, and got stuck into another bunch of demos from the Steam Next Fest – with Asterigos and Scars Above being particular highlights. Finally I defied my aging reflexes by finishing the bloody tough Moonscars – a fantastic 2d Souls-like available on Game Pass.”

Finally, Tef has mainly been playing the lovely looking Lego Bricktales, with a review coming along next week.

Now then, what about you? What have you played?

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  1. I finally – finally – after 11 years and 10 months finally got the plat for AC Brotherhood on PS3 and immediately moved on to the DLC. I’ve spent far more time grumbling about the game mechanics and the 100% requirements than I’d care to admit. If I had a penny for every time Ezio jumped in a completely different direction to the one I sent him in, or the guards spotting me from about 6 miles away and keeping up with me despite me being on horseback and them being on foot. As for the lunatic, that made the decision to not allow damage to be taken despite a boatload of enemies for 100% sync…it’s the last mission, so I suppose some difficulty is to be expected but, really?
    Anyway, that was plat 150 which meant I could finish off the plats for Lego Batman 3, Lego Jurassic World and Lego The Hobbit, all on Vita.
    I also got the multiplayer trophies for Aliens Vs Predator on PS3.
    Moving to PS4 and I got the plat for Waifu Impact, which in all honesty is a game that’s impossible to recommend so thankfully it was cheap! I started on the multiplayer part of Doom (2016 version) too.
    This weekend I’m aiming to continue with Doom and also take in Endurance Co op of Rise of the Tomb Raider, although it’ll likely be a quieter week next week!

  2. Cleared all three regions in Far Cry 5 and have got the final mission unlocked. I’m torn between just finishing it or cleaning up all the side quests and trophies first…

  3. This week we tried some online cross-play with my PS4 and PS5. But, I found it quite difficult to find any games suitable for my son, as many games are unnecessarily violent for teens.
    So, we tried Absolver first, but the game always got stuck on the matchmaking screen, this seems bugged.
    Then, we started up Monster Hunter World, which I got with Plus. Ouch, what a boring intro that has, it took us about an endless half hour to get to the first mission, but even then we couldn’t find out how to meet online. Not to mention the awkward controls which made clear we’d not play that one again. We ended up playing Ghost Recon Wildlands nontheless, just avoiding story missions, as I expected overly violent cutscenes there. It was fun causing mayhem in cars and helicopters. And, funny enough, there was always bright sunshine in my world, while it was foggy on his screen, although we were in the same place at the same time…

    Apart from that, I’m on a kill streak with regard to platinum trophies (at least by my standards), just got one each week, for three weeks in a row now, this time for Control. The board countermeasures were a bit a pain at the end, as there were few opponents left, but the Research Sector kept on giving (… sufficient enemies for it). An excellent, if totally nuts, game overall.

  4. Couple of the PS+ games this week. Superhot is nowhere near as good as the VR version. Hot Wheels Unleashed is surprisingly fun, even if some of those time trial events are ridiculous. (And the DLC is a bit excessive too – 3 season passes at £25 each? Or £15 each on sale at the moment. Or £37 for all 3?)

    Then some free things. Deathverse is still entertaining. Century: Age of Ashes is a fun little game with some badly implemented F2P stuff. A battle pass thing that only lets you get 4 rewards for free? None of the usual giving you a reward every 5 levels unless you pay? But then it does give you a 48 hour discount at some point, so £3.99 to buy the pass? Not too bad, I guess. It’s definitely quite fun though.

    And Overwatch 2. Eventually. After the initial “It was a DDOS, honest! We didn’t forget to have enough servers!” nonsense. Played the original in beta all those years ago, and wasn’t impressed. But for free? I thought I’d give it a go. It’s still not doing anything to really explain it’s popularity. It’s fun enough for free, I guess.

    Oh, and the current sale means I’m now playing too many hours of Tropico 6. Some of the missions (or extra tutorials, really) take a while and then it all goes horribly wrong. It’s just more of the same from the previous games, with some improvements. Which is a good thing.

    And fully upgraded my arcade in the wonderful Arcade Paradise. Didn’t expect that much of a story to it, really. Now I just need to grind some money and play all the games lots to finish off the goals. A highly recommended game. If you’re over 40 or so. Younger people might not appreciate it as much.

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