Something for the Weekend – 14/01/23

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It feels like we’re already right on the cusp of the next silly season of video game releases. Sure, the end of each year has always been jam-packed with games in the run up to Christmas, but these days game publishers also look to make the most of the early months of a year. This week’s seen the launch of One Piece Odyssey, next week sees Fire Emblem Engage and Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation and Xbox, and then there’s Forspoken and Dead Space the week after. Not even January is safe anymore!

Let’s dive in to see what else has been going on in video games this week.

In the News This Week

Games in Review & Featured Articles

We’re still waiting for preview season to really kick in, but we had a mixture of reviews of games that are new releases and ones we’re catching up on.

A less formal review, Jim picked up his Steam Deck to check out the destructive delights of Teardown.

And What We Played featured Midnight Suns and One Piece Odyssey this week.

Trailer Park

Dead Space remake gets an explosive launch trailer and new story details

Countdown to launch with the new Deliver Us Mars story trailer

Forspoken cinematic trailer shows Frey in both New York and Athia

Your Achievements

Let’s see what you in the community have been up to:

  • Andrewww came back from his Christmas break and tried out the Forspoken demo, finding it fairly promising since he made it through the full demo. He then stumbled upon The Council before it leaves PS Plus and really loved what he’s played of it so far. He’ll have to make the most of the last few days it has on the service!
  • MrYd also played through The Council before it leaves PS Plus, before moving onto the excellent Fell Seal and the classically style RPG Chained Echoes. Both come highly recommended.

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

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