What We Played #631 Last Train Home, Forza Motorsport & Like a Dragon: Ishin

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It’s bitterly cold. You can forget playing your Switch outside, and Monster Hunter Now is basically Dark Souls for your extremities, so isn’t it a lot more sensible to stay inside? I’ve been playing the new Avatar for review – not the bald one, the blue one – as well as exploring a world of racing games, hopping back to GRID and Need for Speed Most Wanted on Steam Deck, while also enjoying the new Forza Motorsport. I also finished my run-through of Gravity Rush Remastered, and I enjoyed it even more on the big screen than I did back on the Vita.

First up this week, Aran played Worldless for review, saying, “I found it pretty enjoyable though it could do with a couple of improvements, like its minimap. I’ve also gone back to Yakuza Like A Dragon and am a couple of chapters off the end of it. Hopefully, I’ll be done by Christmas.” Good luck with that!

Like a Dragon Ishin – Gunslinger Style

Jason has been playing Sonic Frontiers, “which is an absolute blast. It’s a really cool take on Sonic, the traversal abilities are really fluid, there are some surprisingly challenging platforming sections, and boss fights are proper spectacles (it also has excellent boss music featuring the Sleeping with Sirens singer). It’s just pure fun, and I find myself preferring it to Tears of the Kingdom.” He’s also on our Dragon Quest Monsters review – look for that next week.

Nic B has had a hands-on with the new content coming in Monster Hunter Now and told us, “It’s pretty exciting stuff. Beyond that, just Alan Wake 2 when I can find the time for games!” Sadly, Nick P has been playing the game of being very ill! And mostly squeezing in FF16. He also tried Chucky in DBD and got into the private Alpha for Suicide Squad which he’ll be trying over the weekend.

Miguel has been in Japan! As such he didn’t play all that much, but now he’s back he’s caught up on Fortnite and dabbled in some Super Mario RPG!

Super Mario RPG combat chain attack

Meanwhile, Steve has been on indie game review duty, but that wasn’t all! He says, “I have also finally finished Like A Dragon: Ishin which was a fantastic introduction to the series. I probably missed out on a lot of insider bits being a newbie but the central story was pretty well told (albeit with some cutscenes long enough for the screen and controller to go into standby…) and the different combat options offered some nice variety. In very uncharacteristic fashion I have also been playing some of that online multiplayer that the kids are so fond of with the absolutely brand new game Left 4 Dead 2. I think that one is going to be a big hit.” Nah, it’ll never catch on. He also dug out his 360, “This led to me starting the utterly forgotten Infernal – a 3rd person shooter where you play as an ex-angel now on the side of the devil. It’s nothing groundbreaking but an interesting time capsule to the 360 days – the protag has tribal tattos because of course he does.”

Gamoc has mostly been on his second Baldurs Gate 3 playthrough, now solo. He tells us, “I’ve also played some Divinity 2 with my sister – switching between these two games is a controller nightmare. I’ve also tried Train Sim World 4 for review, and I played [redacted]. Other than these, I tried Remnant 2 for a couple of hours, which I didn’t really like.” It’s a shame when people you like are wrong isn’t it?

Remnant 2 Coop Multiplayer

Somehow, Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, but he’s also squeezed in some more Dredge, checking out The Pale Reach DLC for us.

Finally, Tef has been playing Last Train Home for review, saying, “It’s kind of like FTL with a light Commandos on the side, and a great way of shining a light on the Czechoslovak Legion and a story from WWI that is easily lost and forgotten about by Western Europe.”

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. I played Ghostwire:Tokyo, which I expect will leave Plus sometime soon. I quite like it so far, and it reminds me of my time in Japan, and some of it in Tokyo, which I enjoyed a lot back then.

  2. I’ve been playing the Asian stack of Lego DC Supervillains. I seem to have clearly decided that I need to play lengthy games, as I’ve also started playing Stardew Valley and Genshin Impact (the latter having been inspired by the TikToks “We now turn to the Oratrice Mecanique Analyse Cardinale…” etc!)

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