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Developer Confirms Arc Nunchuck

We’ve mentioned this before, of course, but without going into specifics it’s not really worth it to put some poor developer on the line and quote them ad verbatim.  Thankfully, though, Develop have done, and confirmed that the Arc will be getting a nunchuck.

Some developers have the motion controller at the moment, this I can verify personally.  Some developers also have the nunchuck, and this once-rumour now appears to be as solid as one of Kratos’ bone smashing weapons.

“A games development source has told Develop that Sony’s new Motion Controller device will work in tandem with an optional extra Wii Nunchuck-style add-on,” says the site, repeating what we already know but confirming it for the good of the public.

“The familiar elements provide scope for those working on Nintendo’s platform to ‘upgrade’ their ideas to the HD rival PS3,” says the source.  Now, you’ll be wanting to know if we’ve been sent pictures of the thing and what it looks like, won’t you?